TrailCal for 2018 Jeep® Wrangler® JL Now Available!

Now Shipping:  PN 41051-JL TrailCal for 2018 Jeep® Wrangler® JL

TrailCal for JL Wrangler
TrailCal support for the  2018 Jeep® Wrangler® JL is now available!  It is no secret that Superchips has set the benchmark for Jeep tire and gear calibration.  The Flashcal for JL (PN 3571-JL) has been selling at a blistering pace and today’s announcement, regarding TrailCal (PN 41051-JL), is set to take consumer demand to the next level for the JL market. If you own a JL, take a close look at all that TrailCal has to offer you.

Take advantage of Superchips’ seamless tire and gear settings and pair that with our best-in-class, 5 inch, color touchscreen display.  Those that own JL Wranglers are not leaving them stock for long.  Is that you?  Our team has observed a very high modification rate, particularly with tires, gears, and lift kits, among JL owners.  You’ve made the investment in your JL.  Now let Superchips help integrate some of the most popular aftermarket upgrades you’ve added.  TrailCal for JL not only solves a problem for those experiencing issues with their speedometer and shift patterns, but delivers a tremendous amount of added value and functionality.  Enjoy a dedicated device to manage countless data parameters, observe pitch/roll, tire, and gear settings, and manage auto start/stop (a huge hot button for JL owners!).  Review the information below.  Many have used Superchips products on your previous Jeeps.  We’re confident you’ll be pleased with our offerings on the JL Wrangler and we’re excited to have you as part of the Superchips family!

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TrailCal Features for 2018 JL Wrangler®

Gear Ratio: 2.0-10.0
Low Gear Ratio: 1.0-15.0
Tire Size:  22.50-40.00
TPMS Threshold: 22-64 PSI
Daytime Running Lights
High Beams/Low Beams
Turn Signals/Fog Lights/Stock
Fog with High Beams
Idle Up: 800-2000 RPMs
One-Touch Turn Signal: ON/OFF
Swaybar Connect/Disconnect: ON/OFF
Auto Start/Stop: On/Off
Auto Traction Control: On/Off
Daytime Running Lights with Turn Signal: On/Off

Available Data Parameters:

Barometric Pressure                Trans Fluid Temp
Engine Coolant Temp              Gear (Auto Only)
Intake Air Temp                       Throttle Position
Engine RPM                            Corrected Speed
Battery Voltage                        Mileage Inst.
Vehicle Speed Time                 0 to 60
Fuel Remaining Time              Quarter Mile
Ambient Air Temp                   Mileage Avg.
Knock Sensor 1                      Mileage Coach
Knock Sensor 2                      Run Time
Global Knock Sensor             Trip Odometer
Mass Air Flow                        G-Force Lateral
Spark Timing                         G-Force Calculated
Percent Grade                       G-Force
Horsepower & Torque           Trans Fluid Temp (Calc)