Jeep Beach 2017 Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach, Florida – Jeep Beach 2017

Jeep Beach 2017 is here!  This huge event spans this entire week featuring festivities like a beach cruise, obstacle courses, vendor shows, firework displays and more.  Superchips will be there displaying our top of the line products for Jeep.  We have sponsored this event for years and it is always a great time.

We will have our 2016 Jeep JK on site that is fitted with our TrailDash2 performance programmer as well as a host of other upgrades.  Stop by and check out this awesome rig and learn more about our new products like the TrailDash2, TrailCal, Flashpaq and more.  We’re running 37″ Falken Tires on this Jeep and the TD2 helped us calibrate that into the Jeep to have this rig running right.  We’re also running a light bar setup on this rig that is entirely controlled with our digital power switch accessory system on the TD2.  Our 6″ ReadyLift lift kit, Metal Cloak fenders and sliders, Kargo Master Safari rack, Mule/Expedition One bumpers and more make this rig ready to tackle whatever lies ahead!

Did you know we support Jeeps from 1998 all the way to 2017?  Whether you have a JK, TJ, LJ, WK, or anything in that range, we’ve likely got a product for you!  Check out our website here and configure your vehicle to Discover More with Superchips!


Team Superchips Finishes 2nd in WE Rock Western Series


Team Superchips Finishes 2nd in WE Rock Western Series


The Broken Boulder Ranch in Goldendale, WA was the site for a weekend long battle for the WE Rock Western Series Championship. After multiple lead changes, Team Superchips driver, Jesse Haines, finished just 6 points behind eventual champion, Tracy Jordan. Haines said -“We were able to put on a great show for some of the best rock crawling fans in the country. It was a successful weekend even if we didn’t take 1st place.”

The win allowed Jordan to win the series championship, while Haines took 2nd in the 4 event series.

On August 20-21, Team Superchips will be in Nampa, ID for the Idaho X Rocks finals. Three weeks later, the nation’s top teams will be in Farmington, NM for the WE Rock Grand Nationals.


TrailDash2 Now Available for 2015/2016


TrailDash2 for 2015/2016 Wrangler – Now Shipping!


The industry leading TrailDash monitor has been the go-to premium Jeep tuning, monitoring and control product for years.  We know that our fans have been waiting for the TD2 to be available for 2015 and 2016 model year Jeep and now, the wait is over!  Superchips is thrilled to release coverage for the 15/16 Wrangler.  Now 15/16 Jeep owners can tune their vehicles with the best Jeep performance device in the industry.  The TD2 will feature the crowd favorite mileage, towing and performance tuning that Jeep owners have come to love.  The CRAWL tune is also pre-loaded in the device to give you more precise control of your rig as you tackle the toughest off-road trails.

The TD2 is more than just a tuning and monitoring device as it also features our exclusive EAS Power Switch options.  You can add any 12 volt accessories to the vehicle and control them right from your TD2.  That means no drilling holes in the dash or running extra wires for every accessory through the firewall as you can daisy-chain up to 8 of the EAS Power Switch accessories to control up to 16 switches!  The TD2 is the definitely the cleanest digital control solution on the market and pair that with the best monitoring and Jeep tuning!


ECM Swap Options:

The 15/16 Jeeps do require an ECM swap or modification in order to tune and don’t worry, Superchips has that all taken care of!

Option 1: Cross-ship ECM swap (subject to availability of ECMs)

After your stock files have been read with the 42051 TD2 and then saved into the Fusion update software, contact Superchips tech support and they will send you an unlocked ECM and provide a return shipper label to send back your stock ECM.

Option 2: Send in your factory ECM to be unlocked

This free service will be available to you anytime. Once we receive your stock ECM, we will quickly unlock it and get it back to you so you can tune with your TrailDash2.

Flashcal to Flashpaq Upgrade


The Flashcal is the best calibration tool on the market today.  The one thing that can make it better is the performance tuning that comes standard in the industry leading Flashpaq.  Now you can upgrade your Flashcal into a full-featured, crowd-favorite, Flashpaq device!  The best part about this upgrade is that it is all online and automatic so you don’t have to be without your device!  Check out the awesome upgrade options listed below to suite your specific application!    


2007-2014 Jeep

3571 Flashcal to 3874 Flashpaq – Cost $189.99

2015-2017 Jeep Wrangler

3571 Flashcal to 3876 2015-2017 Jeep Flashpaq – Cost $349.99

With these upgrades, getting your Jeep running Superchips Equipped has never been easier.  Upgrade today.


All Flashcal for Truck to Flashpaq Upgrades- Cost $189.99


How do I upgrade?

You can upgrade your Flashcal right on the Ignition Update software!  Once your device is up to date, a store will pop up with the upgrade option featured along with other great upgrades.

What am I getting with the upgrade to the 3874 for Jeep?

Upgrading your Flashcal to a 3874 Flashpaq gives you all the same features you love about your Flashcal but now you get our industry leading performance tuning.  With levels designed for towing, mileage and performance you’ll have a tune for any job!  Also, check out the exclusive CRAWL tune designed to help make the throttle responsiveness more manageable when going offroading.

What do I get with the upgrade to the 3876 for the 15/16 Wrangler?

Upgrading your Flashcal to a 3876Flashpaq gives you all the same features you love about your Flashcal but now you get our industry leading performance tuning.  The 2015/2016 Jeeps require an ECM modification in order to tune with the Flashpaq and that process is all included with the upgrade.  You can learn more about that process here.  You will also get levels designed for towing, mileage and performance, so you’ll have a tune for any job!  Also, check out the exclusive CRAWL tune designed to help make the throttle responsiveness more manageable when going offroading.

What do I get with the Flashcal for Truck upgrade to the Flashpaq?

Upgrading your Flashcal to the Flashpaq will give you industry leading performance, mileage and tow tuning for your truck!  We’ve spent the time calibrating these trucks to get the most power and economy potential possible.  Now you can add performance tuning to your Flashcal to get the most out of your truck!

New Clearance Section Now Live!




                                                          FORD FLASHPAQ 1842 – $279

Discover More with the all-new Superchips F4 Ford Flashpaq! Take advantage of impressive power gains, a host of user-controlled features, and an industry exclusive 2 year limited powertrain warranty!








                                                     GM FLASHPAQ 2842 – $279

Discover More with the all-new Superchips F4 GM Flashpaq! Take advantage of impressive power gains, a host of user-controlled features, and an industry exclusive 2 year limited powertrain warranty!








                    FORD FLASHPAQ CALIFORNIA EDITION 1841 – $279

Ford Flashpaq: California Edition delivers the most bang for your buck and you can drive knowing you have 30+ years of results, reliability, and power behind you








                     GM FLASHPAQ CALIFORNIA EDITION 2841 – $279

GM Flashpaq: California Edition delivers the most bang for your buck and you can drive knowing you have 30+ years of results, reliability, and power behind you.














TrailDash2 Power Switch Overview

Did you know that the TrailDash2 has the ability to control your Jeep’s electronic accessories?  Superchips offers the EAS Power Switch accessory, part # 98609, that allows you to control 2 switches.  With the TD2, you can add up to 8 of these power switch accessories which means you can add control of up to 16 switches.  Most people don’t need that kind of power but it is nice to know that your TD2 can control basically anything you can think of.  One of the best features of the Power Switch is that you can literally hook it up to your accessories and the TD2 and be ready to go in minutes.  You can rename your switch to reflect what you are powering right on the device, no computer necessary!

 The most common accessory for Jeeps that we see customers controlling with their Power Switch would definitely be LED light bars.  The industry has always dictated that you need to drill holes in your dash and mount clunky switches to be able to control your accessories but the EAS Power Switch for the TD2 gives you a seamless way to integrate controls for those accessories without having to put any holes in the dash.  When you have a nice JK interior, it’s a shame to ruin it with switches when such a clean option is available.

The EAS Power Switch isn’t all about light bars.  Many customers have used the switches to control electronic lockers, air compressors, rock lights and so much more.  If it runs on electricity, the EAS Power Switch can control it.  Check out the EAS Power Switch accessory and other great options for your Jeep at

TrailDash2 Pitch and Roll Feature Highlight

TrailDash2 Accelerometer/Rubicon Screen

The TrailDash2 is definitely the most advanced and intuitive Jeep product on the market.  It has so much technology and so many features that it can be tough to keep track of all that this product can do.  One of the exclusive features in the TD2 is a built in accelerometer.  That small feature has big implications for the Jeeps that have the opportunity to run one of these kits on the trail or the street.

What does the built in accelerometer do for me?

Glad you asked!  For the Jeepers that head out on the trail or those who like to climb steep grades, the accelerometer will give you a pitch and roll calculation that you can see in real time on the industry leading 5” high resolution TD2 screen.  You can use this feature to understand what steep really is.  You can feel comfortable knowing that angle that is making your passenger sweat is actually still safe.  The accelerometer doesn’t provide just the pitch and roll information but also a G-Force measurement so you can also measure any G-Forces you may experience including braking and acceleration.  The G-Force and accelerometer features are displayed on our custom screen layouts with other vital parameters so you can keep an eye on your rig.

Four Corners 4×4 Celebrates a strong 2015 season

The weather and spirits couldn’t have been better for the conclusion of the 4×4 endurance racing team’s season.  This past weekend, Four Corners 4×4 hosted its team and fans for an appreciation event at their Durango 4×4 shop.  Of special importance, co-driver Rick Jenkins and pit-crew member Cody DeClusin, both of Farmington, were recognized for their un-paralleled contributions to the program over the last four years.

A quick look back at 2015’s events…

March – WEROCK, First Place – Congress, AZ.

In their first competitive rock crawling event, Jason Kaminsky and Rick Jenkins earned a first place finish.

April – Dirt Riot, DNS – Moab, UT.

Unfortunately, due to mechanical failure that occurred while pre-running the course, the team was unable to compete at the annual event held in Moab, Utah.  The team still had a great time spectating and participating in the Crawl Reader’s Ride, Grandpa’s Garage Manufacturer’s Party, BFGoodrich Area BFE Trail Ride, and the  Superchips Appreciation Dinner at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari.

May – Southwest Colorado Outdoor Expo, Exhibition – Ignacio, CO.

Jason had the 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited on display at the Sky Ute Casino Fairgrounds and had a chance to put it through its paces on the obstacle course created by the Creeper Jeepers 4WD Gang of Durango, Colorado.

June – WEROCK, First Place – Rangely, CO.

Competing in Rangely was a great time.  With terrain very similar to the team’s stomping ground of Farmington, New Mexico, Team Four Corners 4×4 was one of the few teams to complete two days of competition with zero roll-overs, and take home a first place trophy.

June – Dirt Riot, Fifth Place – Agate, CO.

While racing at the fastest track of the season, the team suffered a mechanical failure resulting in a rollover.

August – WEROCK, First Place – Goldendale, WA

Jason & Rick took to the road and made the journey to south-central Washington to secure the Western Regional Series WEROCK Title in the Modified-Stock Class and the National Championship Title in the Modified-Stock Class.

August – All-4-Fun, Recreational Four Wheeling – Buena Vista, CO.

With only a one-day turn around, the team got the LJ prepped after a win in Goldendale to head to the eastern slope of Colorado and participate in an event strictly for fun with friends from the Tucson Rough Riders.

August – Dirt Riot, First Place – Grand Junction, CO.

The team concluded the last competitive event of the 2015 with a first place finish over fellow competitor Joshua Jackson with Fatboyz Motorsports by only ten seconds!


Superchips Drivers Continue Impressive Podium Streak

Four Corners 4×4 began defense of its 2013 Mountain Series Title by earning a second place finish at Area BFE near Moab, Utah on April 19th.  The team has placed second in all three of its Dirt Riot competitions in 2014.  Held concurrently with the Moab Easter Jeep Safari, racing on “Big Saturday” included a full day of multi-class racing to wrap up the week long annual event that typically attracts thousands of Jeep and off road enthusiasts to the trails located in and around Moab.

Team owner and driver, Jason Kaminsky, was unable to compete during the race due to a wrist injury.  Farmington, New Mexico based team co-driver Richard Jenkins assumed driving duties with team crew member Cody DeClusin, also of Farmington, navigating.

“It was disappointing to be on the sidelines today, but I tried to be useful on the radio and in the pits,” recalls Kaminsky.  “Our first Dirt Riot competition was at Area BFE in 2012, and we took home a first place trophy.  I have stood on the podium in every event I have competed at here,” Kaminsky continued, “but, I had full confidence in Rick that his experience with the racecar and course would get us to the checkered flag.  Cody’s ability to jump in the co-driver’s seat at the last minute gave us the balance needed to finish well.  The entire team demonstrated again that it can step up when called upon and be successful.  It was a tough course; the strategy was to preserve the car and finish for points.  I couldn’t be more proud that Rick and Cody brought home second place.”

The Four Corners 4×4 team is scheduled to compete next in the second round of the Dirt Riot Mountain Series June 14th at RAM Offroad Park near Colorado Springs, CO.

For additional news and information about the Four Corners 4×4 team throughout the 2014 season and four-wheel drive racing and recreation in the Four Corners area, follow them at