Amp’d Throttle Booster Extended Coverage Now Available for 2018-UP GM Gas Trucks and SUV

New Amp’d Throttle Booster support is now available for various 2018-2020 GM gas trucks and SUVs.  Check out the benefits below to see how you can instantly boost throttle response with Amp’d!


  • Improves Throttle Responsiveness
  • Faster Acceleration From a Stop, and Throughout The RPM Range
  • Reduces “Laggy” Dead Pedal Feeling
  • Quicker Spooling for Turbos
  • Optimizes Driving Experience on the Highway or Around Town
  • Up to 6 modes available (with switch) ​

Amp’d Throttle Sensitivity Booster is easy to install, delivers immediate improvement with pedal response, and will optimize your driving experience.  AMP’d offers an incredibly simple solution that generates “seat of the pants power” you won’t find anywhere else.

Decreasing pedal lag expedites your vehicle performance curve. Amp’d features an intuitive plug-and-play installation using your vehicles’ stock connections.  What makes Amp’d even more fun?  Settings are adjustable to boost signals by 50% or 100%.  If you’re interested in obtaining even more power levels and options, check out the Amp’d switch today and take throttle sensitivity to the next level!

Throttle booster settings with switch include: Throttle setting include:  Stock, Low-50%, Medium-75%, High-100%, Valet, and 400% “Wow Mode”.