Superchips Flashpaq Tuner Delivers Legendary Performance at a New Low Price of $349.95

The Superchips Flashpaq tuner has led the market in vehicle programming for over 30 years.  Impressive power gains, improved fuel efficiency, and best-in-class customer services comes standard with every Flashpaq.  Bundle safe and reliable power with Superchips’ 2-year powertrain warranty and enjoy a driving experience like no other.

This year, we’re pleased to announce a new, low price of $349.95 for our flagship product.  Now, Flashpaq delivers more value than ever before.  Whether you’re looking for power, added MPGs, improved drivability, or all of the above, Flashpaq delivers.  Visit us online today to configure your vehicle, review all the exciting features available, and purchase your Superchips Flashpaq.  Kick off 2018 with value, performance, and reliability.  Purchase your Flashpaq tuner today.

Flashpap Tuner:  Now available for just $349.95! 




Professional Outdoorsman, Danny Devries, Adds Power & MPGs with Superchips’ Flashpaq

Power & MPGs

Truck and SUV owners rely on their vehicles as daily drivers, tow rigs, and their trusted method of transportation for vacations and trips across the country.  One thing Superchips had placed an emphasis on with performance programming is bundling a meaningful power with added MPGs.  Regardless of fuel prices, everyone is always looking to optimize MPGs.  Learn more about the Flashpaq programmer and take a look at the quote from professional outdoorsman, Danny Devries.

Power Made Easy

“As an outdoorsman, Superchips has become a staple in my day to day driving.  From towing 8000lbs, through the mountains of Arizona, to running around town to get the kids, the practical power and features offered by Superchips has met or exceeded ALL of my expectations.  One of my favorite features is how easy it is to use.  When I first got a tuner for my truck I was a little intimidated because the only modifications I had done was putting aftermarket wheels and tires on my vehicle, but Superchips has made their products very consumer friendly and now I can’t imagine driving without it.”

Danny DeVries

Whether you’re looking for power, added MPGs, or both, the lineup of Superchips products offers a variety of options for your gas or diesel truck.  You can learn more about Danny here to see how he fuels his passion for the outdoors using Superchips’ Flashpaq

Watch How Easy it is to Tune with Flashpaq

Tuning with SuperchipsFlashpaq is easy.  Check out the clip below to see how the host of Origins Outdoors, Danny DeVries, tunes his truck.  Switching power levels, setting tire size, and managing other user-configurable options can all be done in the palm of your hand.

Visit us online today to configure your truck, SUV, or Jeep and learn more about the benefits of tuning with Flashpaq.

Already own a Flashpaq?  Make sure you are updating your device for our most recent calibrations.  F5 Flashpaq owners can now add an extended product warranty in the Ignition store.  Check it out today.


What Can Flashpaq Do for You?


Thousands of customers across the country have picked up Superchips’ all-new F5 Flashpaq.  It’s easy to toss the words “new”, “improved”, and “best-in-class” around anytime a company launches a new product.  We’d really like you to discover the facts for yourself and learn why our new handheld Flashpaq delivers the performance to back the claims we make.

Coverage:  Superchips has added new gas and diesel coverage to our line of products, with more in the pipeline this fall.  Configure your truck, SUV, or Jeep to see what we offer your ride.

Speed:  Flashpaq includes a brand new architectural infrastructure.  What does this mean for you?  Faster upload, updates, and vehicle programming times.

Warranty:  In addition to the 2 year powertrain warranty that comes standard with every Flashpaq, Superchips now offers extended product warranties to cover the mechanical components within your device.  No gimmicks or head fakes, just protection.  This upgrade is available via our Ignition store.

Power:  Let’s not forget where we made a name for ourselves.  We built the Superchips brand on quality and performance.  The F5 Flashpaq is no exception and includes innovation designed to wow.  Check out our website for power levels and features available for your vehicle.

At the end of the day, results speak for themselves and that is just what Superchips delivers.  We’re confident you’ll find value in considering the new Flashpaq for your ride.  Check out our detailed landing page where you can learn more, locate and dealer, and shop today!

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