Take a Sneak Peak at Superchips’ 2016 SEMA Show New Product Lineup!

Superchips plans to make a splash at the 2016 SEMA Show (Booth # 22367) with a host of exciting new products designed specifically for the car, truck, and Jeep markets.  Unveiled at the 2015 SEMA show, and launched in January of 2016, the “F5” platform presented a brand new form factor and total redesign of the engineering infrastructure for Superchips’ flagship product, Flashpaq.  The excitement and sales tied to F5 has fed the development and improvements that will be showcased at this year’s SEMA Show.

Flashpaq F5 Pro is the first of three new products to make a debut at SEMA for Superchips.   The new handheld device, PN 5845, is a vessel designed to read stock vehicle files and load tunes, built through HP Tuner’s custom tuning software.  Custom tuning shops can now expand their reach with a form factor to pair with HP’s VCM tuning suite.  Power levels designed specifically for upgrades added to cars, trucks, and SUVs can be loaded directly to the F5 Pro ($299.95).  Superchips’ drag and drop features used to load the device, make adding power levels and instant performance easier than ever.  “The F5 Pro is welcome news for the HP Tuners brand and our extensive network of dealers.  Our technical partnership will pay dividends for end users and resellers alike” noted Jay Payson, Director of Sales for HP Tuners.




TrailCal is a new product that will be met with enthusiasm amongst 2015-UP Jeep® Wrangler® JK owners.  Superchips is coupling their industry-leading monitoring from TrailDash2 (TD2) with the quick features delivered via Flashcal for Jeep®.  “TrailCal ($449.95) will offer the best of both worlds for those JK owners who would prefer not to swap out their ECM” said Matt Barker, Superchips Category Manager. TrailCal, PN 41501, simply plugs into the diagnostic port, allows the customer to calibrate for tire and gear adjustments, and monitor all their performance on the sleek 5” monitor.  Similar to the TD2, TrailCal is available to connect with the EAS Power Switch for aftermarket LEDs or other accessories.




Flashcal for Truck will come as a welcome new product for gas and diesel truck owners.  Engineered using the same technology found in the Flashcal for Jeep, Flashcal for Truck will deliver quick features and calibration tools.  The days of clunky, outdated instruments are over.  Customers looking for an easy solution for tire and wheel adjustments now have what they need.  Demand for this product has been continuing to grow with many lift companies and service centers looking a tool they can offer their customers. Flashcal now has trucks covered, and the market cornered, with quality and pricing ($199.95) that can’t be matched.


TrailDash2 Power Switch Overview

Did you know that the TrailDash2 has the ability to control your Jeep’s electronic accessories?  Superchips offers the EAS Power Switch accessory, part # 98609, that allows you to control 2 switches.  With the TD2, you can add up to 8 of these power switch accessories which means you can add control of up to 16 switches.  Most people don’t need that kind of power but it is nice to know that your TD2 can control basically anything you can think of.  One of the best features of the Power Switch is that you can literally hook it up to your accessories and the TD2 and be ready to go in minutes.  You can rename your switch to reflect what you are powering right on the device, no computer necessary!

 The most common accessory for Jeeps that we see customers controlling with their Power Switch would definitely be LED light bars.  The industry has always dictated that you need to drill holes in your dash and mount clunky switches to be able to control your accessories but the EAS Power Switch for the TD2 gives you a seamless way to integrate controls for those accessories without having to put any holes in the dash.  When you have a nice JK interior, it’s a shame to ruin it with switches when such a clean option is available.

The EAS Power Switch isn’t all about light bars.  Many customers have used the switches to control electronic lockers, air compressors, rock lights and so much more.  If it runs on electricity, the EAS Power Switch can control it.  Check out the EAS Power Switch accessory and other great options for your Jeep at www.superchips.com.

Superchips Delivers Best to Market 2015 Wrangler JK Tuning

At Superchips, we don’t just get it, we live it. The Jeep Flashpaq (part no. 3873) is designed for your 2015 4×4 and packed with off-road specific features exclusive to Superchips. Flashpaq is the number one tuning solution for the 2015 Jeep JK. Our tunes include multiple trail-proven and street performance levels, developed on the streets of Florida all the way out to legendary trails of Moab, Utah. The various altitude testing guarantees optimal performance, regardless of geographic location. You’ll find lots of pretenders out there making big claims and false promises, but at Superchips, we deliver.

Our 2015 Jeep JK tuning option is head and shoulders better than anything on the market. We only tune with true 2015 ECUs to ensure that the right computer stays in your Jeep and can still be serviced by your dealer. Our process is simple and can be done by anyone from a Jeep builder down to someone who’s never popped the hood. Check out our Quick Install Guide  for more details on the swap, as well as on the installation of the Flashpaq.

ECM Swap Options:

Option 1: Cross-ship ECM swap (subject to availability of ECMs)

After your stock files have been read with the 3873 Flashpaq and then saved into the Spark update software, Superchips will send you an unlocked ECM and provide a return shipper label to send back your stock ECM.

Option 2: Send in your factory ECM to be unlocked

This free service will be available to you anytime. Once we receive your stock ECM, we will quickly unlock it and get it back to you so you can tune with your Flashpaq.