Labor Day Sale! Flashcal to Flashpaq Upgrades and Extended Product Warranties Now 30% Off!

30% Off Sale


Effective today thru September 7, 2018, all Flashcal to Flashpaq upgrades are discounted by 30%.  Updating your device is easy.

Follow these very simple steps:

  1. Download Superchips Update Software 
  2. Launch the update software on your computer
  3. Connect your device and allow updates to download
  4. After updating, you will be forwarded to the online store to purchase your discounted upgrade


Enjoy the added power and fuel efficiency to go with the tire and gear features you’ve grown to love with your Flashcal.  This is a limited time offer.  Take the next step and add Flashpaq tuning today to save cash and drive equipped with best-in-class performance programming.

As an added bonus, and for a limited time, Superchips is discounting all extended product warranties by 30%!  Protect your product and cover all mechanical components on your device.  There are no gimmicks or fine print with our warranty.

Eligible SKUs available for discounts:  3570, 3571, 1545, 2545, 3545


Download Superchips Update Software & Purchase Upgrades

New Upgrades Now Available for the F5 Flashpaq


Limited Time Discounts Available!!!

Our F5 Flashpaq has impressed thousands of customers already this year!  We’re pleased to announce new virtual upgrades that will help protect your purchase and offer added features.  These upgrades are all available via our Ignition Update Software.  Not familiar with the new F5 platform? Learn more here.

What’s New?

Extended Product Warranties:  Protect Your F5 Flashpaq with an additional 12 month product warranty.  Superchips’ warranty covers mechanical and electrical components with full replacement and shipping.  No gimmicks or head fakes, just the assurance knowing you are covered by Superchips.

Cold Air Intake Tunes:  Own a 2004-2010 Ford Mustang or F-150?  If you’ve added a cold air intake, connect your F5 Ford Flashpaq to Ignition and shop for a cold air intake tune designed just for your make, model, and year.

Flashcal to Flashpaq Upgrade:  Transform your Flashcal into a fully functioning Jeep Flashpaq virtually.  Add power levels and feel the difference with this power upgrade for your Flashcal.  What makes this option even better?  Flashcal to Flashpaq upgrades are on sale right now and are available for 07-16 JK Wranglers.



All of these exciting upgrades are available via the Ignition update software. Simply connect your device today and add these options to your cart.

Superchips Delivers Best to Market 2015 Wrangler JK Tuning

At Superchips, we don’t just get it, we live it. The Jeep Flashpaq (part no. 3873) is designed for your 2015 4×4 and packed with off-road specific features exclusive to Superchips. Flashpaq is the number one tuning solution for the 2015 Jeep JK. Our tunes include multiple trail-proven and street performance levels, developed on the streets of Florida all the way out to legendary trails of Moab, Utah. The various altitude testing guarantees optimal performance, regardless of geographic location. You’ll find lots of pretenders out there making big claims and false promises, but at Superchips, we deliver.

Our 2015 Jeep JK tuning option is head and shoulders better than anything on the market. We only tune with true 2015 ECUs to ensure that the right computer stays in your Jeep and can still be serviced by your dealer. Our process is simple and can be done by anyone from a Jeep builder down to someone who’s never popped the hood. Check out our Quick Install Guide  for more details on the swap, as well as on the installation of the Flashpaq.

ECM Swap Options:

Option 1: Cross-ship ECM swap (subject to availability of ECMs)

After your stock files have been read with the 3873 Flashpaq and then saved into the Spark update software, Superchips will send you an unlocked ECM and provide a return shipper label to send back your stock ECM.

Option 2: Send in your factory ECM to be unlocked

This free service will be available to you anytime. Once we receive your stock ECM, we will quickly unlock it and get it back to you so you can tune with your Flashpaq.