How to Install the Jammer Cold Air Intake on a 1998-2006 4.0L TJ Wrangler

Superchips Jammer CAI
97-06 4.0 Motors

Information on Jammer CAI

The Jammer intake system for the TJ Wrangler adds 8hp and 12lb-ft of torque. The kit outflows the factory intake by 97%! This air intake system features a washable/reusable conical air filter that improves airflow for increased horsepower and torque. The Jammer kit includes a one-piece heat shield that requires no assembly and the filter is constructed with 100% polyurethane for long life and multiple cleaning cycles.


Comes with 1-year warranty from EGT to intake filter


$299.95 on

Install Time & Install Difficulty 

Install Time- 45 min to 2 hours
Install Difficulty 1 of 5 Wrenches (5 being hardest)

What Comes In Kit

 Air Filter
 Intake Tube
 Coupling Hump
 Coupling Straight
 Mini Clamp #008 (2)
 Clamp #048 (2)
 Clamp #052 (2)
 M6 Hex Screws (2)
 M6 Wavy Washers (2)
 M6 Hex Nuts (2)
 ¼ Fender Washers (4)
 Rubber Grommet Trim
 ½ Cap
 12” Fuel Hose (Breather Hose)

Tools Needed 

**Only use ¼ socket set to help prevent overtightening of parts**

 ¼ Socket Wratchet Wrench
 ¼ Socket Extension
 8mm Socket
 10mm Socket
 13mm Socket
 Flat Head Screwdriver
 10mm Wrench
 Razor Blade
 Favorite Cold Beverage

Install Guide

Step 1

Remove negative cable on battery

 Open hood and prop hood with hood prop. It’s easiest to open hood all the way back, place folded towel and windshield channel and let hood rest folded back.
 Check for (–) sign on battery but 99% of time it’s the black cable going to battery.
 Use ¼ socket wrench and 10mm socket to remove.
 Once removed, place negative cable away from positive side cable and let rest on a folded towel.

Step 2

Remove factory intake tube

 Remove temp sensor if your Jeep is equipped. Push in on harness adapter then pull towards you with light force disconnecting the harness from temp sensor. At this time don’t remove temp sensor from intake.
 Loosen all clamps on intake tube using flat head screwdriver.
 Once clamps are loosened, remove intake tube and cover throttle body with clean towel.

Step 2.5

Remove factory air box

 Remove vent hose.
 Open air box by flipping back the 5 clamps.
 Remove the filter and under filter, there are 8mm bolts to remove. (Instructions say 10mm). Use ¼ socket wrench, socket extension, and 8mm/10mm socket to move upper filter side. Look in the upper inner fender and you will see the 3 nuts that attach to these bolts. Use 8mm/10mm wrench to hold nut in place while removing filter side bolts.

Your factory intake should now be removed! 

Step 3

Remove strut rod on the passenger side of Jeep

 Use ¼ socket wrench and 13mm bolt to remove.
 Once removed slide on the supplied rubber grommet that comes in the Superchips Jammer CAI kit.

Step 4

Install Jammer CAI air box

 Remove upper radiator bolt using ¼ socket wrench, extension and 10mm socket to remove. Keep bolt to side as you will be reusing.
 Slide strut bar through back hole of air box, sit air box where factory air box was, and tighten down firewall side of strut bar using ¼ socket wrench and 13mm socket.
 Line up air box to factory holes and loosely fit the upper radiator bolt and lower 3 bolts.
 Once everything is loosely fit, tighten down upper radiator bolt, then strut bar, then the 3 lower bolts using the supplied bolt, washers and nuts.
 Radiator bolt 10mm socket. Strut bar 13mm. Lower air box 10mm socket and wrench.

Step 4.5

Install Jammer CAI Intake Tube and Filter

 Slide 2 clamps onto each side of intake.
 Install “straight” coupler onto throttle body side of intake and “” onto air box side of intake.
 Install intake tube into air box side first them remove towel off throttle body and slide intake tube into place. Once intake tube is adjusted and fit properly into place, tighten clamps using flat head screwdriver. DON’T USE SOCKET-DON’T OVER TIGHTEN.
 Reinstall new provided vent hose into place, remove hose, cut access length off, slide provided clamps onto hose, then reinstall using flat head or Philips screwdriver and tighten down. DON’T USE SOCKET-DON’T OVER TIGHTEN.
 Slide last provided clamp onto Jammer CAI intake filter then slide into place on air box and tighten with flat head screwdriver.
 Install provided Jammer CAI information sticker in a noticeable area on air box. Without the sticker, most inspection places won’t pass you without it.

Step 5


 Remove air temp sensor cap on the intake and twist off your air temp sensor from old intake tube and slide through grommet where cap was. Hold back of intake tube to keep from over forcing air temp sensor into place. I do recommend replacing the worn out air temp sensor with new. New runs about $11 from any auto store so it not anything overly expensive.

Congratulations!!!! Your new Superchips Jammer CAI Intake is now installed!

Look over your work and make sure all clamps, bolts and hardware are tightened down, remove towel under negative cable, and properly install negative cable using ¼ socket wrench and 10mm socket. After 100-200 miles check all hardware making sure nothing has come loose!