2020 Ram 5.7L HEMI E-Torque and Non E-Torque Tuning Now Available

  • Adds up to 33 HP and 28 lb-ft TQ
  • Includes option to manage throttle boost between 0-20%
  • Disable Auto Start-Stop
  • Manage features including speed limiter control, fan temperatures, and tire size
  • Preloaded tuning to include performance, tow, and economy levels
  • Supported coverage includes Flashcal 3545-S1*, Flashpaq 3846-S1 and Dashpaq+ PN 30627-S1


*Note that these tuning products will require a PCM swap.  PN 3545-S1 does not require PCM swap, but only offers tire and gear options


Yes, you can now tune the 2020 5.7L RAM E-Torque and Non E-Torque trucks with the Dashpaq+ and Flashpaq! These SKUs include our PCM cross-shipment.  The PCM swap for 2020 RAM 5.7L HEMI trucks covers the 8-speed transmission. After installing your unlocked PCM, you will enjoy the instant and impressive power gains (up to 33 additional HP!) and innovative features courtesy of the seamless performance programmers offered by Superchips.  Install power, manage custom features to accommodate additional aftermarket upgrades like tires, and optimize performance across the board.


Flashpaq PN 3846-S Now Supporting 2018 RAM 5.7L HEMI Engine


Flashpaq (PN 3846-S) is now available for the 2018 RAM 1500 5.7L Hemi engine. Consumers can enjoy upgraded horsepower, torque, tire/gear adjustments, MDS and more. Superchips offers a seamless PCM swap process for consumers looking to equip their truck with the Flashpaq performance programming.  Please refer to all product details, load information, and details below. Shop for PN 3846-S today!