2020 F-150 Tuning Support Offers an Extra 86HP

Superchips is pleased to extend coverage of our popular Flashpaq, Dashpaq, and Dashpaq+ for all 2020 Ford F-150. With up to an additional 86HP these simple to use tuners offer everything an F-150 truck owner needs. New tuning support offers performance tunes for 87 Octane, 91 Octane and 93 Octane with improved transmission strategies for both 6-spd and 10-spd models. In addition to impressive power levels, the features and options built in continue to mark the Superchips product line as one of the most sought after tools for increased power at your fingertips. With full control over exciting user-adjustable selections including gear options, speed/rev limiter, shift firmness and more. Dashpaq and Dashpaq+ offer in-cab high resolution color screens that give you all the information you’ll ever need without leaving the drivers seat. Equip your 2020 Ford F-150 with Superchips tuning today

2020 F-150 Tuning Features:

  • Up to 86hp and 63tq for 3.5L Ecoboost
  • Up to 49hp and 62tq for 5.0L V8
  • Up to 42hp and 73tq for 2.7L Ecoboost
  • Unique Transmission Shift Strategies for Normal, Sport and Towing Modes
  • Pre-loaded tuning for 87 Octane, 91 Octane, 93 Octane, Towing and Mileage
  • Adjust for up to 4.56 gear ratio
  • Enable/Disable TPMS
  • Adjust TPMS Pressure Warnings
  • Adjust Speedometer for 28-40” Tire Size
  • Adjust Speed and Rev Limiters
  • Enable/Disable Auto Start Stop Function

2017 F150 Ecoboost Now Supported on Flashpaq PN 1845

Superchips Now Tuning 2017 F150 3.5L Ecoboost

Read the details regarding our 2017 F-150 Ecoboost coverage and you’ll see we’ve cemented that legacy.  Adding 116 HP and 104 LB-FT of Torque on a gas motor without popping the hood is unheard of, but Superchips did it.  The best part of the tuning is that we did extensive testing on vehicles, at this power, with great results.  This tune is safe, unless you’re the rear tires on the F-150!

Equip your F150 with Flashpaq tuning and get unheard of gains with ease.  There has never been a faster or simpler way to add north of 100 HP to the tires on any vehicle.  The Flashpaq, PN 1845, continues to be the most powerful and easiest upgrade for your truck!


Performance Tunes

  • 93 Performance – 86 HP 63 TQ Peak to Peak *114 HP 104 TQ Max Gain
  • 91 Performance – 58 HP 32 TQ
  • 87 Octane – 35 HP 26 TQ
  • Heavy Tow – 35 HP 26 TQ
  • Mileage XS – 35 HP 26 TQ


Vehicle Options

  • Auto Stop-Start Disable
  • Fan Temp (optimized)
  • Gear Ratio
  • Rev Limiter
  • Speed Limiter
  • Spark/Timing Advancement
  • Throttle Sensitivity (optimized)
  • Tire Size Adjustment
  • TPMS On/Off & Adjustment



The all-new Flashpaq F5 is the industry leading handheld tuner.  With this easy to use handheld tool, you can add horsepower in minutes without turning a wrench!  The user interface has been redesigned with simplicity and functionality in mind.  It is now easier than ever to select your power level and have instant horsepower gains, driveability improvements and prevent unneeded downshifting!  Mileage gains are also achievable with our new optimized and efficient tuning.  Tuning that you can trust is backed by an industry exclusive 2 year powertrain warranty to ensure peace of mind!


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Superchips Sets Sights on Houston, TX for Bassmaster Classic



Ogden, UTSuperchips announced today plans to exhibit at the Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods, March 24-26, 2017, in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center (1001 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, Texas, 77010.)


Before the opening of the Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo, media, B.A.S.S. Life and Nation members will get the chance to preview products before the public on Friday, March 24, 2017.  Superchips will showcase a deep lineup of new application coverage, product lines, and apparel to influential bass fishing professionals and VIP retailers.

Glenn Browne catches two bass at Bassmaster classic

Jim McGinn, VP of Marketing for Powerteq noted, “We’re excited to attend the 2017 GEICO Bassmaster Classic Outdoors Expo.  Our brands align extremely well with the thousands of anglers and consumers that attend this exciting event.  Superchips offers an extensive line of performance upgrades for both gas and diesel truck owners looking to optimize shift patterns, fuel economy, and towing power.  Our employees have a passion for the outdoors and we’re thrilled to support an event that is not only a natural fit for the Powerteq family of brands, but also targets a large community of consumers, from across the country, that use our products daily.  The Bassmaster Classic will also be used as a launching pad for some exciting announcements we plan to make in Houston.”


The Expo is one of the main attractions of the Bassmaster Classic, which annually draws attendance in excess of 100,000 to its venues. It has grown into one of the largest fishing consumer shows in the country, and many manufacturers have chosen to introduce their new products for 2017 at the Expo. Fifty-two of the world’s best bass anglers, many of whom use the Superchips brand as they tow across the country, will compete for more than $1 million in this, the 47th world championship of bass fishing. Competition will take place on Lake Conroe, Texas, with weigh-ins being held in Minute Maid Park, home of the Astros, each afternoon on March 24, 25 and 26.

Glenn Browne swinging back at Bassmaster classic

2017 F150 2.7L Ecoboost, 3.5L and 5.0L Now Supported


We are excited to announce the addition of coverage for the 2017 F150 2.7L Ecoboost, 3.5L and 5.0L on the Flashpaq, pn 1845.  The 2017 F150 continues the Ford tradition of making some of the best selling pickup trucks available!  As Ford innovates with the latest generation of F150, we matched their pace with our Flashpaq performance tuner, designed to provide an extraordinary driving experience.  We put the time in on the dyno and produced horsepower designed to WOW!  With up to 40 HP and 70 LB-FT or torque over stock, your truck will feel like a whole different animal.

The Flashcal for Truck, pn 1545, is also going to feature this calibration update for 2017.  The Flashcal for Truck is the most advanced and affordable calibration tool on the market.  Larger aftermarket tires, gears, and even TPMS adjustments are no problem for this sub $200 calibrator!  Check it out now to learn more about what the Flashcal can do for you!

Power Levels

2.7L Ecoboost

Performance Tune | +40 HP / +70 TQ

Mileage XS Save Tune | +30 HP / +60 TQ

87 Octane Tune | +30 HP / +60 TQ

Heavy Tow Tune | +30 HP / +60 TQ

 5.0L Naturally Aspirated

Performance Tune | +13 HP / +15 TQ

Mileage XS Save Tune | +12 HP / +14 TQ

87 Octane Tune | +12 HP / +14 TQ

Heavy Tow Tune | +12 HP / +14 TQ

 3.5L Naturally Aspirated

Performance Tune | +16 HP / +27 TQ

Mileage XS Save Tune | +13 HP / +20 TQ

87 Octane Tune | +13 HP / +20 TQ

Heavy Tow Tune | +13 HP / +20 TQ


Gear ratio

Tire Size

Cooling Fan Control (Only Available On Flashpaq)

Speed Limiter (Only Available On Flashpaq)


TPMS Rear Adjust

TPMS Front Adjust

Rev Limiter

Spark Advance (2.7L Ecoboost Only)

Torque Management On/Off (2.7L Ecoboost Only)

F5 Flashpaq 1845

The all-new Flashpaq F5 performance tuner from Superchips is the industry leading hand-held tuning solution. With its new, easy-to-use graphic interface, high-resolution color screen, scan features, and tuning levels, the Flashpaq F5 offers more power per dollar than any other tuner on the market.

F5 Ford Flashcal 1545

If you are a Ford truck owner who is looking for a device to help calibrate for your large aftermarket tires, read/clear trouble codes, adjust your speed limiter and more, then look no further.  The Flashcal for Truck is a performance tuner designed to give features and calibration tools to truck owners at a great price.  The days of clunky, outdated calibration tools are over.  Flashcal has trucks covered and the market cornered with quality and pricing that can’t be matched.

FLW Feature Piece on Superchips’ Angler Glenn Browne

Superchips sponsored angler, Glenn Browne was recently feature in an FLW story online.  Read below and follow the links to review the full story on FLW’s website.  Browne has been beta testing the all-new F5 Flashpaq on his 2016 Duramax.  He hauls his boat across the country to events and has been using Superchips for year to optimize towing power and fuel efficiency.  Read more about Glenn below and check out the Flashpaq today to see how you can improve your driving experience !

In 2015, the Ocala, Fla., pro won the Costa FLW Series Northern Division tournament on Lake Champlain en route to finishing third in the division’s Strike King Angler of the Year standings and qualifying for the Walmart FLW Tour.

This season, he followed up by winning his second Southeastern Division AOY title. The first came in 2008. And Browne currently sits in 17th place in the Walmart FLW Tour standings with two events remaining in the season.

What’s the catalyst for his recent success? It’s a mix of newfound confidence and shallow power-fishing skills. Browne shares an introspective look at his Costa FLW Series title run and the shallow-water system that he successfully employs nearly everywhere he goes.


The fog delay gave Glenn Browne some time to do some social media work.


Sometimes, just having fun and feeling relaxed helps an angler to make the right decisions and find success on the water. It works for Browne.

“I really enjoy the Costa FLW Series because I don’t put as much pressure on myself,” says Browne. “I show up more relaxed because I’m familiar with the lakes, and we visit them at optimal times of the year. For example, we hit Okeechobee in January and Santee Cooper in the spring. I’ve been to many of the lakes, know what to look for and can find fish shallow, which suits my style.”

In addition to his familiarity and comfort with the venues, Browne appreciates the extended practice period that the FLW Series provides. There’s no off-limits period for FLW Series events, but Browne usually practices for four days, versus the maximum of three days allowed for FLW Tour events.

“That extra day really helps me to put patterns together and to look at spots a second time,” he says. “When practicing big bodies of water with limited time, you have to be very selective and focused on areas. With a fourth practice day, I can cover nearly all of the water I want to and dedicate my last day to expanding upon specific areas.”

Browne maintains a relaxed schedule while preparing for Series events as well. He doesn’t panic if he’s not the first one at the launch in the morning, nor if he pulls his boat out a couple of hours before dark. The extra rest helps him to maintain an open-mind and relaxed approach heading into tournament day.

Glenn Browne fishes down a line of trees decked out with spanish moss.

Read the full story here

Glenn Browne at Costa FLW Event

Superchips sponsored angler Glenn Browne had a fantastic weekend at the Costa FLW event at Lake Okeechobee.  This event brought in 200 anglers and was a tough challenge as Lake Okeechobee was very stingy and made each angler work hard.  Glenn finished at 43-04, which is shy of the winning total by just 1-08.

Glenn hasn’t been to Lake Okeechobee for nearly 3 years but that didn’t slow him down as he strung together two limits of 16-4 and 14-11 from the first two days.  Glenn chose to work with a Warrior Baits Quiver Bug below a 1 1/2-ounce Reins Punch Shot Weight as his bait of choice for punching mats.

All in all, it was a great event and a great way to start off the season of the Costa FLW Series Southeastern Division.  Below are some of the articles that came from this event.

Top 5 Patterns Day 2

Top 10 Baits

Superchips Gears up for the 2015 Bassmaster Classic in Greenville, SC!

Superchips is en route to the Bassmaster Classic in Greenville, SC!  The show draws thousands of anglers (and truck owners!) from across the country.  This year, Superchips will be on hand with a brand new show trailer, product displays, and tuners on hand for sale.  The Superchips team will be accompanied by professional angler, Glenn Browne.  Glenn will be on site to sign autugraphs and answer questions about his truck, boat, and upcoming 2015 schedule.  Here is quick write up Glenn sent our way as a preview for this season.  Enjoy!

Submitted by Glenn Browne:

The new year is here along with the new tournament season. I’m excited that Superchips will continue as my title sponsor.  My wrapped boat and truck will once again sport their  logos.   I will be towing my boat across the country with my Flashpaq equipped Ford F-250, with the 6.7L Powerstroke diesel.  As for the fishing, I will be competing in the FLW Rayovac Series in the central and northern divisions and possibly the BASS Northern Opens. I will be fishing some phenomenal bodies of water throughout the country and look forward to some great trips. My first tournament will be in Oklahoma on Grand Lake in April and from that point on I will be racking up some miles going from one tournament to the next. I have fished almost all of the lakes on my schedule at one time or another and know they are all top quality fisheries. I have never spent this much time in the northern part of the country fishing tournaments so I’m  looking forward to really learning some of these lakes.


This coming weekend is the Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell in Greenville,South Carolina. I wish I was fishing but I came up a bit short so I will be at the expo working with all my great sponsors.  What is really great is Superchips will have a booth there where we can talk fishing and programmers for your tow vehicle and the enhancements they provide. So if your in the area come see us at the expo. As for the fishing ,the guys will have there work cut out for them with all these cold fronts that keep coming in  one after another. They will still catch them, but it is going to be a brutally cold tournament which sometimes affects the angler more than the fishing. When your whole body is chilled to the bone it sometimes takes away from your focus. I’m sure the tournament will be won out deep around old submerged trees in the lake. The guys that are expert finesse fishermen will probably be the ones to watch out for in this tournament.   As always, in the Bassmaster Classic anglers bring there “A” game and spend more time preparing for this tournament than any other so I’m sure it will be a good one.

If you see the Superchips rig in your travels don’t hesitate to stop and say hello I love to talk about fishing, my truck and boat anytime.

Browne’s Classic Chances Hinge On Trip North

By Todd Ceisner
BassFan Editor

Glenn Browne admits that as last year’s FLW Tour schedule came to a close, his mind was elsewhere – still on fishing, just not the here and now. As the schedule wound down, he was out of contention for a Forrest Wood Cup berth as a result of his skipping the Lake Eufaula tournament to fish the Southern Open at Logan Martin Lake that fell during the same week. It was a calculated decision made in an effort to qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series.

He came through at Logan Martin, sewed up an Elite Series invitation and the rest is history.

“Those last couple of events last year, my drive was kind of gone because I was out of it,” he said. “I had checked out a little bit because my mind was already on building sponsors for this year and all that. I was just ready to get on with this year.”

Now six events into his first Elite Series campaign, Browne finds himself on the cusp of grabbing his first Bassmaster Classic berth. He’s 31st in points with two tournaments left. Here’s the catch, though: Both of those tournaments will take place north of the Mason-Dixon Line, which isn’t always a good recipe for a Florida-bred angler like Browne.

He’s optimistic that should shallow-water patterns emerge at the Delaware River and/or Cayuga Lake, he’ll be able to make something happen and hold his place in the points standings.

“I’m a bank-beater who loves to flip and pitch,” he said. “From what little I’ve heard about the Delaware, I should be able to get in areas and flip and pitch at cover. At Cayuga, we’ll have milfoil and after fishing Champlain a few times, I have a feel for how that deal works. As long as I fish my deal, I feel cautiously confident.”

Picking Up Steam

Browne missed checks in the first three events this season by a collective 4-11 as he logged a trio of placements between 52nd and 60th. It was a frustrating start, but he bounced back with three straight Top-50 results, including a 13th at Toledo Bend, to climb into Classic contention.

“In each of the first three tournaments, I had opportunities,” he said. “I missed the cut by 2 ounces at Table Rock. On day 1 at Seminole, I had 20 pounds of fish on, but only caught 9. My year could’ve gone from fair to mediocre to pretty damn good if a couple of things went my way. I’ve fought that all year. I feel like I’ve been around the right deals, but to have a really good tournament, you need to be around them and put them in the boat. It’s one of those so-close-yet-so-far things. You can’t put yourself in position to win if those things happen.”

Asked to grade his freshman season fishing the Elite Series, he was blunt.

“I’d say fair to middling,” he said. “At Seminole, in a span of 15 minutes I lost two 5s and a giant in the 8-pound class. At the St. Johns, I lost a 4 1/2-pounder on day 2 that would’ve helped me make the cut. At Table Rock, I lost a couple on the Biffle Bug on day 1. I hadn’t fished it that much before, but once I got it figured out, I bounced back on day 2.

“It’s so much tighter with how B.A.S.S. structures their points. You sure don’t want to have a bad day. Mediocre days are okay, but those bad days are what you want to avoid.”

Won’t Fish Differently

With three solid finishes under his belt now, he’s focused on what’s to come at the Delaware and Cayuga, fisheries that will be new to most in the field. Browne, however, doesn’t anticipate having to move too far out of his comfort zone to find success at either venue.

The two fisheries couldn’t be any more different from each other. The Delaware River is an urban waterway that sees massive tide swings in the neighborhood of 9 or 10 feet. It’s anticipated any bag over 10 pounds will be strong in the City of Brotherly Love.

Cayuga, on the other hand, is a 38-mile long natural lake in the heart of upstate New York’s Finger Lakes region. It’s deep – it’s deepest point is 435 feet – and supports a diverse mix of warm- and coldwater species. The weedy north end is likely to attract the shallow-water specialists like Browne and docks will factor in as well, as they did 2 years ago when Pete Gluszek won a Northern Open there.

“Cayuga I feel okay I about,” Browne said. “I went to college with a guy who lives up there so I’m going to be looking to him for a few pointers before off limits. From what I understand, it’ll be a largemouth deal and from my experience fishing the south end of Champlain, I’m comfortable with that. It should be up my alley.

“The Delaware is a big unknown. From what I understand, it’s not the best fishery and 12 or 13 pounds could be considered knocking their lights out. Those are the types of tournaments, from fishing FLW for years, that’s what I’m used to, though. Those grinder tournaments were the norm and that’s how I fish. I don’t hunt for the big schools. I just get on the bank and grind.

“I don’t think I’ll treat them any different. I’ll just fish how I fish. I’m not an offshore guy and I don’t believe these last two will be offshore events. I’ll be on the bank or in the grass. I won’t be in survival mode. If the opportunity presents itself, I’d like to make a 12-cut. I had some opportunities earlier, but missed out.”

Read more: http://www.bassfan.com/news_article.asp?ID=4955#.U7vb9xYlKKw#ixzz36sf2q9SY

Round Recaps from Superchips’ angler, Glenn Browne

Three weeks ago I traveled to Many, LA and Toledo Bend Reservoir looking to get my season more on an upswing.  I actually had a relatively slow practice, but I found a few areas where the fish where spawning in some pockets and few places that I could catch them around some grass beds in the morning on a jerk bait.  I started the first day fishing these grass beds and caught a few keepers then started sight fishing for spawning fish and filled my limit pretty quick.  I then ran into a pocket and caught a five pounder and a 3 1/2 pounder and finished the day with 16 pounds.  The second day went fairly similar and I ended the day with right at fourteen pounds squeezing into the top 50 cut in 45th place.  Then going into the third day I gave up some of my areas to my roommate Jacob Powroznik who eventually went on to win the tournament.  I went to a few new areas and fished the heavy grass with a jig and ended up catching the biggest bag of the third day at 21 pounds and ended up in thirteenth place just missing the top 12 cut for the final day.  That was a little bit of a bummer but still happy with a decent tournament.  I then headed 850 miles home in the Superchips F 250 for six days to take care of some business to just turn around and drive 950 miles to Russellville, AR and Lake Dardanelle.


I started practice in some areas that I had fished about five years ago, when I was there last, and let me tell you they were biting!  Everywhere I went that first day I was finding fish, I was thinking I was going to really catch them there.  Then of course a big cold front comes and it gets cold and rainy and changes things up a little bit.  On the first day of the tournament, I went to my spot and caught a small limit and bounced around the rest of the day and caught a few upgrades.  I lost two real good fish at the end of the day and ended up with just over 12 pounds and was in 82nd place.  Needless to say I wasn’t a very happy camper that night.  The next morning I wake up to a very foggy morning and the takeoff was delayed nearly three hours.  I went straight to my starting spot and started catching them right away flipping a big jig on wood, grass, and reeds.  I caught them pretty good, but felt like I was going to be just short of the top 50 cut.  While waiting for a spot to park my boat, I heard some of the reports and standings and the weights seemed to be way down from the day before.  I weighed in nearly sixteen pounds and ended up moving from 82nd to 35th place which I was ecstatic about.  On the third day I just never got any better bites and ended the day with just short of 13 pounds and ended the tournament with a 36th place finish.  I also moved up to 31st in the points standing inside of the cut for the Bassmaster Classic as long as I can stay there.  I just got home and am looking forward to a relaxing Memorial Day weekend out riding around in my Jeep with the family before I start my prep work for Lake Chickamaugua.

Superchips’ Angler Browne tackles day 2 on St. Johns River

Superchips’ Bassmaster Elite angler, Glenn Browne, had a strong showing day 1 in Jacksonville, FL on Thursday, March 22nd.  After landing a nice fish in the morning, Browne lost between 3 & 4 keepers which was frustrating, but nothing that kept him from landing towards the top of the leader board after day one.  Browne currently sits in 33rd out of a strong field of 108 anglers.  Today’s weigh in is scheduled for 4PM EDT and will be broadcast live on the Bassmaster website.  You can click here to watch live.

Glenn will be traveling across the country this year towing his boat with his 2013 F-250 6.7L diesel truck. Browned tuned his truck prior to event in Bainbridge, GA with the Ford Flashpaq and has already experienced some impressive results. In addition to picking up close to 3 MPG, the rides to/from my tournaments have been made much more enjoyable with the improved throttle response and power throughout the RPM band.