Performance Programmer & Monitor Combo: Dashpaq Unboxing – See What’s Inside!

Dashpaq In-Cabin Performance Tuner

Superchips’ All New Dashpaq

There has been lots of buzz around Superchips’ all-new Dashpaq performance programmer and monitor combo unit.  Drivers with gas and diesel trucks can now take advantage of Superchips trusted performance tuning and bundle it with a sharp, on-dash display.  Manage your gas truck or SUV by seeing data in real-time!

Dashpaq provides numerous data parameters to select and configure as you see fit.  Gas and diesel truck owners need to monitor different sets or parameters.  A button interface is used to navigate between power levels, customize for options like aftermarket tires and/or gears, and set user-adjustable thresholds for designated engine parameters including transmission temperature, EGTs, boost, and more!

Putting power and performance in the palm of your hand has allowed both gas and diesel truck owners to reap the benefits of added horsepower, torque, and improved drivability.  Superchips is thrilled to take things a step further with Dashpaq

Coverage is extensive and carries a 50 state legal certification.  Configure your vehicle today and learn more about Dashpaq.  You’ll enjoy and brand-new, improved driving experience with the Dashpaq performance programmer installed.



Dashpaq Coverage:

OEM Vehicles Covered Years Covered Product Name SKU Price
Ford Diesel Trucks (7.3, 6.0, 6.4, 6.7) 1994 – 2015 Dashpaq for Ford Diesel 1050 499.95
Ford Gas Trucks and SUVs 1997 – 2017 Dashpaq for Ford Gas 1060 449.95
Chevy/GM Diesel Trucks (6.6) 2001-2016 Dashpaq for GMC/Chevrolet Diesel 2050 499.95
Chevy/GM Gas Trucks and SUVs 1999 – 2017 Dashpaq for GMC/Chevrolet Gas 2060 449.95
Dodge/RAM Diesel Trucks (5.9, 6.7) 2003 – 2012 Dashpaq for Dodge/RAM Diesel 3050 499.95
Dodge/RAM Gas Trucks and SUVs 1998 – 2014 Dashpaq for Dodge/RAM Gas 3060 449.95