TrailDash2 Pitch and Roll Feature Highlight

TrailDash2 Accelerometer/Rubicon Screen

The TrailDash2 is definitely the most advanced and intuitive Jeep product on the market.  It has so much technology and so many features that it can be tough to keep track of all that this product can do.  One of the exclusive features in the TD2 is a built in accelerometer.  That small feature has big implications for the Jeeps that have the opportunity to run one of these kits on the trail or the street.

What does the built in accelerometer do for me?

Glad you asked!  For the Jeepers that head out on the trail or those who like to climb steep grades, the accelerometer will give you a pitch and roll calculation that you can see in real time on the industry leading 5” high resolution TD2 screen.  You can use this feature to understand what steep really is.  You can feel comfortable knowing that angle that is making your passenger sweat is actually still safe.  The accelerometer doesn’t provide just the pitch and roll information but also a G-Force measurement so you can also measure any G-Forces you may experience including braking and acceleration.  The G-Force and accelerometer features are displayed on our custom screen layouts with other vital parameters so you can keep an eye on your rig.

Dirt Riot Southeastern Durhamtown Plantation Brings Classic Georgia Mud

The Dirt Riot Southeast Series started out as a bit of a muddy mess at Durhamtown Plantation in Union Point, Georgia.  With professional and first class sportsman drivers joining in on the fun, the weather held until just ten minutes after the awards ceremony, but not without flinging Georgia red clay on everything in its path first.  Bluetorch Fab’s James Schofield earned the Pro 4400 4×4 class win.  “The Georgia clay really gave the drivers a run for their money, and their winches, but all came out of the woods with a smile and a great story,” said Rich Klein, President and founder of W.E. Rock Events. “On a different topic, the new timing system that we are using, Moto-Tally software, survived the weather in yet another test of its durability and applicability in our style of racing.”

The UTV race started the Dirt Riot day with five competitors running for bragging rights.  Team Chaos Brian Gray came out on top in his new Artic Cat with newcomers Johnny Shealy and Chip Brockwell slugging it out for the next two positions. Johnny had been a spectator at the 2013 event, at the Plantation, and thought he’d try his hand this year.  He did well in his RZR900; his wife wouldn’t let him race her RZR1000! Winners for the UTV class in order are: First place Team Chaos Brian Gray, 2nd place Johnny Shealy, 3rd place Chip Brockwell, 4th place Mike Brown, and Dan Hunt coming in 5th place.

The mid-day race was a challenge for all; the trails were more than most of the various trail style rigs could handle. Winching became the order of the day to get up the steep hill at the back of the course. Kevin Crocker, who won the Dirt Riot Central Round 1 Hidden Falls 4600 class two weeks prior, made the trek to take on the terrain. While he won his class and completed his laps, his tires are expected to be replaced before the next event!  Redlyner Racing Jay Callaway in the mall crawler 4550 took home another win in the Pro 4500 Class.

In Mod Trail, the King Trumped the Prince for 1st.   Roger King of Team Robby Bobby in the Jeep Cherokee took home the honors over Scott Prince in the little Suzuki. Rock Rage Erik Peterson took home Stock Trail honors.

The last race of the day featured some good horsepower and a lot of flinging mud.  By the time this race got the green flag, the top track had dried out some, but several had made modifications to protect sensitive areas of their rigs from the intrusive track.  James Schofield in the Blue Torch Fab Black Widow took home honors in the 4400 class with Todd Klueger in second.