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Promotion Details

Effective Dates: August 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019

Flashpaq Rebate Amount: $50

How do I Qualify?: Purchase any qualifying Flashpaq from an authorized Superchips dealer or at www.superchips.com between August 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019


Ford Flashpaq – PN 1845
GM Flashpaq – PNs 2845, 2847
Dodge Flashpaq – PNs 3845, 3846, 3846-S, 3846-S1
Flashpaq for Jeep® – PNs 3874, 3876, 3876-JL
50 State Flashpaq – PN 4845
Flashpaq Pro Plus – PN 5850

Any Flashpaq purchased via an authorized Superchips dealer, or from Superchips directly, is eligible for a $50 mail-in rebate.  This promotion will be live August 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019!

*Note:  All Powerpaq kits are eligible for this offer.  Simply follow the steps outlined below to provide proof of purchase and serial number information for the Flashpaq included with your cold air intake combo.

Offer also valid for Canadian Residents.  For Canadian resident redemption, please use this form


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Received $50 Cash Back on All Superchips Flashpaq tuners

Cody Rahders Takes 4th Straight Win!


Cody Rahders took his fourth consecutive win at Round 4 of the Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series, in the highly competitive RZR XP UTV class.  He then followed it up with a second place showing  in the Production 1000 Class, driving the Cognito Motorsports Polaris XP1000.

After setting the pole in the XP UTV class, Cody  went out and qualified 5th in Production 1000. With an inversion of six in XP UTV and four in Production 1000, Cody’s skills were put to the test as he navigated through a competitive field of drivers.  Cody shuffled back to seventh in turn one at the start of the XP UTV main heat then slowly worked his way to the front.  On the last lap he pulled off an outside inside pass on the leader in turn one to take over the number one position and hold on for the win.

“That was fun!” said Cody after the race, “Both my nerf bars were torn up and the back of my cage was moved over about an inch after getting hit.  Besides that we raced pretty clean considering how much we went back and fourth for the lead.”  In Production 1000, Cody started in the sixth position after the inversion.  It was in turn two where he begin to work his way up, trading positions several times within the pack, before finally moving into second by race end.  “We made a lot of big changes to the 1000. The car is so close, a couple of small tweaks and I think we can win it!”

Cody and R3motorsports have put together another remarkable season and have their eyes set on the season end points championship in several classes.  We’d like to wish Cody and his team the best of luck as they position themselves for repeat success.  To learn more about Cody and follow his team check out their Facebook page.

Rahders Takes 2nd Straight Win at Lucas Oil Regionals!

Cody Rahders is a creature of habit and that is just fine with us here at Superchips! Winning is in Cody’s DNA and his second consecutive win at  round 2 of the Lucas Oil Regional Series XP Class was hard fought and well earned.  Rahders also took home 2nd place overall in the Production 1000 class.

In what is already turning into a tight points battle, within both the Production 1000 and XP Classes this season, Cody has been continuing to turn in stellar performances.  Cody took the pole in both the Production 1000 and XP Classes.  He started in 6th position in the XP class and 4th position in the Production 1000 class with the inversions.

Cody’s first main event of the day was the XP class and within the first lap he moved into 4th place, but from there it would not be easy.  As the laps wore on Cody moved up to third, second, then traded the lead several times with the second place car. On the last lap there was a full course caution due to a rolled over car laying in the middle of turn three.  This brought on a green/white/checker to finish the race.  At the restart Cody and the second place car traded the lead two more times during the green flag lap as they approached the white flag.  The two came together over a jump which sent Cody off the track. He maintained control, got back on the track, staying in second place, and kept the leader within five car lengths.  The leader then went through turns one, two and three.  Cody managed to make up a couple of car lengths.  Both drivers went through the rhythm section and as the leader slowed for the final turn Cody was able to drive underneath and take the win!

In the Production 1000 Class the start was chaos due to the heavily watered track. It took Cody two laps to sort through the carnage around him before he was able to start his drive to the front.  The race was beginning to look like a repeat of the XP class.  Cody and the leader would trade 1st place several times during the race.  Approaching the white flag lap, the two came together fairly hard but both stayed on course.  Cody settled in to finish out the race in second place.

“In turn five, going to the white flag, we hit pretty hard and my power steering quit. In the rhythm section he made a mistake and I think I could have got him but it would have been ugly, I had major arm pump and didn’t want to throw second place away if I couldn’t make it stick so I played it safe and took second” said Rahders.  Smart move!  Congrats to Cody and the entire R3 Motorsports crew.


Meet Cody Rahders

Cody Rahders is a WORCS Production 700 Class Champion, Lucas Oil Regional Series SuperLite Class Champion, and one of the best UTV/ATV drivers west of the Mississippi! Heck, we’d even venture to say you could cross that river and be hard-pressed to find someone that could challenge Cody’s trophy collection.

We’ve known Cody before he even had his official driver’s license! Over the past several years, we’ve come to realize one thing – this kid is as just impressive off the track as he is on it. Driven by an incredible work ethic, (and a family that puts his education first) Cody has been a success in just about every vehicle he has driven. R3 Motorsports and the Rahders family drive their Superchips-powered tow rig across the western portion of the US to attend races, make sponsor appearances, and visit industry events. It didn’t take long for Cody to gain the respect of his competitors, both young and old. The Rahders crew epitomizes the “racing family”. Mom and Dad have full time jobs and everyone’s spare time goes into their team. It’s refreshing to see a young man work hard towards his goals – professionally and personally.

We’re thrilled to announce our renewal with Cody & R3 Motorsports for the 2014 season and all of us at Superchips are big fans. You can follow Cody and R3 Motorsports on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cody-Rahders-Racing/240033476073270.  Check him out today. We think you’ll be impressed – we sure are!