Flashpaq for 2017-2019 GM Diesel is Here!

August 31, 2021

2017-2019 GM Diesel tuning for Silverado HD and Sierra HD is finally here with the all-new Flashpaq 2847-DS. Available L5P Duramax engines. Our calibrations team spent a lot of time perfecting our tunes to give you everything you’ve come to expect from a Superchips tuner. By adjusting torque outputs at lower pedal inputs, you’ll love the new throttle response. Adjustments to rail pressure, injection pressure, and injection timing offer better power and torque throughout the RPM range, while helping to improve fuel economy as well.

On top of our performance tuning, Flashpaq also offers custom features like speedometer calibration for tire size and gear ratio changes, speed limiter adjustment, TPMS adjustment, Manual DPF Regens, Adaptive Transmission Learn, Engine Idle Up and the ability to read and clear codes. All-new to this device is our ‘Keep Drive Modes’ feature which will remember your last driver settings for Exhaust Braking, Tow/Haul Mode, and Grade Braking so you no longer have to manually turn those features on every time you restart your truck.

Flashpaq also offers end users the ability to adjust throttle pedal sensitivity within the device. Every owner has a preferred pedal feel and with Flashpaq for 2017-2019 GM Diesel, you have the control to set it exactly how you want it. Set throttle sensitivity anywhere from 0-50% above our calibration to optimize you driving experience.


Real World Power Gains


Mileage XS 100hp/200tq
Heavy Tow 75hp/150tq
Tow Performance 125hp/250tq
Performance 150hp/350tq

This device includes our ‘ECM Send-In’ process, which will require you to remove your trucks factory ECM and ship it to us for unlocking. Once our specialists create the internal ECM modifications, it will be returned to you for re-installation into the truck, where you can then tune with your choice of calibration within the Flashpaq device. The purchase of the Flashpaq 2847-DS includes the cost of the ECM Unlock and Next Day Air return shipping of your ECM. Consumers should expect a 24-48hr turn around time, so we do our absolute best to limit your trucks down time to as little as three days. Our ECM modifications are safe, reliable and compatible with GM dealer tools and flashes. So, your local dealer can still interact with your truck after you’ve returned your Flashpaq tuning to factory settings.

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Pulsar LT for 2019-2020 Silverado/Sierra

It’s the dawning of a new day for complete user adjustable control over the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks with the release of our all-new Pulsar LT. Now available for 2019-2020 GM 5.3L & 6.2L gas trucks, the Pulsar LT is an inline module like never seen before in our market. Pulsar LT offers seamless control over your truck through steering wheel controls to dial in your truck features specific to your needs with no PCM modifications required.

Speed Limiter Adjustment (82-140 MPH)
TPMS Adjustment (1-99 PSI)
Tire Size Correction (29” – 50.9”)
Axle Ratio (2.00 – 6.99)
Clear DTCs
Auto Start/Stop Disable
AFM/DFM Disable
Multiple Throttle Pedal Sensitivity Levels
On-the-fly Adjustability via Steering Wheel Controls

Pulsar LT plugs directly inline with your under hood modules making for a quick and simple installation. There is nothing to run in to the cab, no holes to drill, no switches to mount on the dash. Once Pulsar LT is plugged in under the hood, it will be fully controlled through your factory steering wheel control buttons and factory dash display. It’s a true plug n’ play installation. Since we are making no changes to the PCM, there is no down time, no permanent changes, and no fear of losing the warranty on your brand new truck. Pulsar LT is the answer to your 2019-2020 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 customization needs.

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Pulsar V2 for L5P Duramax

The Pulsar has been a huge hit for the 2017-2019 GM L5P Duramax trucks offering better power, control, and more features than our competitors. So what have we done now?  That’s right, upped our game and knocked it right out of the park with Version 2 for Pulsar 17-19 L5P. Our engineering team has worked hard and now added speed limiter adjuster 98-140, TPMS adjust, manual regen, and transmission relearn for the improved power you get from adding the Pulsar. We didn’t stop at just adding new features and functions we improved the transmission fueling to keep your power longer between shifts improving your 0-60 and quarter-mile times. Check out all these new features below.

New Features/Benefits:

• Speed limiter adjustment 98-140 MPH
• TPMS adjust 40-99 psi
• Tire size 29-50.9”
• Gear Ratio 2.0-6.99
• Clear DTC codes
• Manual regen function
• Transmission relearn


• Up to 90 HP & 156 lb-ft torque
• Change 5 power levels on-the-fly using +/- cruise control buttons
• Connects directly to ECU in engine compartment providing instant power
• Built-in throttle sensitivity control for improved throttle response
• High-idle user settings to adjust RPM during idle (range 700-1100 rpm)
• Simple installation with no complex wiring harness or ECU flashing required

For customers looking for performance, unmatched features, throttle adjustments, no traces of a tuner, and easy to install the Pulsar is your answer. The best part is these new updates are free for current owners and available now by simply updating your Pulsar with the Pulsar Update Cable, PN 98105, with our Update Agent software.


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