Superchips TD2 Spotlight Courtesy of Off Road Xtreme

Our friends at Off Road Xtreme put together a nice piece on the TrailDash2. They seem to enjoy the product and we think you will as well.  Check it out today here.


Getting the most out of your vehicle is always important, but when you start adding off-road accessories they all may not work correctly with the factory system. Larger tries throw off your speedometer which then does not give you accurate fuel mileage.

To help combat this problem the folks over at Superchips [2] have a product that helps Jeep owners over come problems like this and some. Their TrailDash2 [3] (TD2) is a touch-screen programmer that is loaded with features. To find out everything that this product does we got the lowdown from Matt Barker.

The TD2 includes everything you need to control your Jeep.

“The TD2 is a high-definition, large screen interface programmer for the Jeep. You can control a lot of things with the TD2; like the factory lockers, sway bar disconnects, and TPMS. The TD2 also offers towing, economy, and crawl performance tunes. The crawl tune decreases the throttle sensitivity so that when you are off-road you will not be throttle bouncing,” Barker said.

The EAS Power Switch allows you to control accessories from the TD2.

Another great feature and add-on to the TD2 is Superchips EAS Power Switch [6]. “The Power Switch allows users to connect additional accessories to the TD2 and control them on the unit. There are customizable digital rocker switch layouts that give the same feel as analog switches, but does not require the owner to drill holes. No addition wires need to be ran up to the TD2, because all the connections are down by the OBDII port,” Barker informed us.

The TD2 has plenty of layout options for all your gauges and switches.

The Power Switch controls two separate accessories, but a total of eight Power Switches can be daisy-chained together to control a total of 16 different accessories. This does not include the features that the TD2 already controls.

The TD2 coupled with the Power Switch allows Jeep owners to sync some of the modifications they have done together and control them all with one unit.