$50 Cash Back all Flashpaq Tuners from Superchips

Flashpaq Rebate Now Available!

Superchips is offering a $50 Cash Rebate on any Flashpaq Purchase

Now is the time to take advantage of the great rebate savings from Superchips and equip your ride with Flashpaq tuning.  There is a reason why the Flashpaq is the number one selling tuner on the market today and offers the best value.  The Flashpaq adds instant horsepower, fuel economy potential, and towing capability.  Whether you have a truck, SUV or Jeep®, Flashpaq has you covered with tuning to optimize your driving experience!  Bring out the hidden power in your vehicle in minutes without popping the hood or turning a wrench with Flashpaq.

Whether you drive a gas or diesel truck, Flashpaq comes loaded with features and power levels engineered to optimize your driving experience, throughout the RPM band.  The engineering team at Superchips knows what it takes to make power, deliver added fuel economy, and package industry-leading features into our programmers safely.  Enjoy a 2-year powertrain warranty that comes standard with each Flashpaq.  Act now and purchase your Flashpaq today!

Purchase any qualifying Flashpaq tuner from an authorized Superchips Dealer or via the Superchips site to qualify for the promotion.  The $50 rebate can be processed via the mail-in rebate form or via an online portal.  See the details below for more information.   Get your ride tuned with a Flashpaq and save today.

Promotion Details

Effective Dates: August 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019

Flashpaq Rebate Amount: $50

How do I Qualify?: Purchase any qualifying Flashpaq from an authorized Superchips dealer or at www.superchips.com between August 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019


Ford Flashpaq – PN 1845
GM Flashpaq – PNs 2845, 2847
Dodge Flashpaq – PNs 3845, 3846, 3846-S, 3846-S1
Flashpaq for Jeep® – PNs 3874, 3876, 3876-JL
50 State Flashpaq – PN 4845
Flashpaq Pro Plus – PN 5850

Any Flashpaq purchased via an authorized Superchips dealer, or from Superchips directly, is eligible for a $50 mail-in rebate.  This promotion will be live August 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019!

*Note:  All Powerpaq kits are eligible for this offer.  Simply follow the steps outlined below to provide proof of purchase and serial number information for the Flashpaq included with your cold air intake combo.

Offer also valid for Canadian Residents.  For Canadian resident redemption, please use this form


Prefer to mail in a form?  Use this PDF Rebate form

Received $50 Cash Back on All Superchips Flashpaq tuners

Introducing the TrailCal for Jeep®


TrailCal – Jeep® Wrangler® Calibration – Now Shipping

The TrailCal is an all-new, premium product designed for the 2015-UP Jeep® Wrangler®.  TrailCal offers monitoring, calibration, and control features without any modifications to the vehicle.  Calibrate for larger aftermarket tires, adjust for gear ratio changes, and enjoy best-in-class monitoring and control features, all without popping the hood.  Previously, this option was only available in our handheld Flashcal device, but now you can TrailCal to get all the features that allow you to set your Jeep® up perfectly with your other upgrades.

Monitor Features:
• Best-in-Class, 5″, Full-Color, High-Resolution, Touch Screen
• Custom Color Mixer for Gauge Arcs, Needles, & Backgrounds
• Multiple Gauge Screen Layouts
• Power Switch Gauge Screen to Engage LED Lights & Other Accessories
• Fully Customizable Backgrounds
• One Simple HDMI Plug for Power
• Easy Menu Navigation
• 5” high definition touch screen
• Inclinometer gauges
• Customizable digital gauges (Reads numerous PIDs)
• Maintenance Manager (schedule and track maintenance)
• Performance tests
• Corrects speedometer for tire upgrades between 26” – 42”
• Speedometer recalibration for gear /axle swaps up to 5.38
• Locking axle options with transfer case in 4-Hi & 4-Low (Rubicon only)
• ESP stability optimization
• Engine idle adjustability for winching
• Daytime running light options
• One touch lane change
• TPMS On/Off and Adjust (Download required)
• Radio delay options
• Headlamp delay options
• Horn chirp and exterior lighting flash options when locking doors with keyless entry
• Reads and clears trouble codes
• Monitor includes video input and can run backup or other camera accessories
• Internet updatable

The Jeep® trademark is owned by FCA US LLC.   We make reference to the Jeep® brand vehicles to inform customers that our Superchips® product is designed to work on Jeep® brand vehicles.   We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by FCA US LLC nor do we have any other relationship with FCA US LLC.

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Round Recaps from Superchips’ angler, Glenn Browne

Three weeks ago I traveled to Many, LA and Toledo Bend Reservoir looking to get my season more on an upswing.  I actually had a relatively slow practice, but I found a few areas where the fish where spawning in some pockets and few places that I could catch them around some grass beds in the morning on a jerk bait.  I started the first day fishing these grass beds and caught a few keepers then started sight fishing for spawning fish and filled my limit pretty quick.  I then ran into a pocket and caught a five pounder and a 3 1/2 pounder and finished the day with 16 pounds.  The second day went fairly similar and I ended the day with right at fourteen pounds squeezing into the top 50 cut in 45th place.  Then going into the third day I gave up some of my areas to my roommate Jacob Powroznik who eventually went on to win the tournament.  I went to a few new areas and fished the heavy grass with a jig and ended up catching the biggest bag of the third day at 21 pounds and ended up in thirteenth place just missing the top 12 cut for the final day.  That was a little bit of a bummer but still happy with a decent tournament.  I then headed 850 miles home in the Superchips F 250 for six days to take care of some business to just turn around and drive 950 miles to Russellville, AR and Lake Dardanelle.


I started practice in some areas that I had fished about five years ago, when I was there last, and let me tell you they were biting!  Everywhere I went that first day I was finding fish, I was thinking I was going to really catch them there.  Then of course a big cold front comes and it gets cold and rainy and changes things up a little bit.  On the first day of the tournament, I went to my spot and caught a small limit and bounced around the rest of the day and caught a few upgrades.  I lost two real good fish at the end of the day and ended up with just over 12 pounds and was in 82nd place.  Needless to say I wasn’t a very happy camper that night.  The next morning I wake up to a very foggy morning and the takeoff was delayed nearly three hours.  I went straight to my starting spot and started catching them right away flipping a big jig on wood, grass, and reeds.  I caught them pretty good, but felt like I was going to be just short of the top 50 cut.  While waiting for a spot to park my boat, I heard some of the reports and standings and the weights seemed to be way down from the day before.  I weighed in nearly sixteen pounds and ended up moving from 82nd to 35th place which I was ecstatic about.  On the third day I just never got any better bites and ended the day with just short of 13 pounds and ended the tournament with a 36th place finish.  I also moved up to 31st in the points standing inside of the cut for the Bassmaster Classic as long as I can stay there.  I just got home and am looking forward to a relaxing Memorial Day weekend out riding around in my Jeep with the family before I start my prep work for Lake Chickamaugua.

Superchips’ Angler Browne tackles day 2 on St. Johns River

Superchips’ Bassmaster Elite angler, Glenn Browne, had a strong showing day 1 in Jacksonville, FL on Thursday, March 22nd.  After landing a nice fish in the morning, Browne lost between 3 & 4 keepers which was frustrating, but nothing that kept him from landing towards the top of the leader board after day one.  Browne currently sits in 33rd out of a strong field of 108 anglers.  Today’s weigh in is scheduled for 4PM EDT and will be broadcast live on the Bassmaster website.  You can click here to watch live.

Glenn will be traveling across the country this year towing his boat with his 2013 F-250 6.7L diesel truck. Browned tuned his truck prior to event in Bainbridge, GA with the Ford Flashpaq and has already experienced some impressive results. In addition to picking up close to 3 MPG, the rides to/from my tournaments have been made much more enjoyable with the improved throttle response and power throughout the RPM band.

Superchips Signs with Bassmaster Elite Angler, Glenn Browne

Today Superchips announced they have partnered with professional Bassmaster Elite angler, Glenn Browne, out of Ocala, FL.  The 2014 sponsorship will include a full wrap on Glenn’s boat and tow vehicle, in addition to prominent placement on Browne’s competition jersey.

To fish at the top level of bass fishing, the Bassmaster Elite Series, an angler must first qualify. Qualifying for the Elite Series is not a simple task. With only 100 qualified anglers, and only six to nine new anglers added each year, it makes the Elite Series the hardest and most desired invitation in the sport of bass fishing. Several hundred anglers attempt to qualify for the invitations each year.  Glenn will compete in all 2014 Bassmaster Elite Series events.  The series opener will be held in Bainbridge, GA March 13 – 16, 2014.

“Partnering with Glenn Browne is exciting for our brand, our customers and our employees,” said Jared Venz, Truck Category Manager at Superchips. “Glenn represents an important segment we service on a daily basis. In addition to towing his boat to tournaments and events with his truck, Glenn also drives a Jeep Wrangler and participates in local enthusiast events, while using our products on his personal vehicles. Superchips is excited to support Glenn as he enters the 2014 season. We feel like he is a fantastic ambassador to relay key brand principles—adding real world towing power, economy and performance to a wide variety of consumers seeking unmatched value.”

Glenn Browne, a Florida native out of Ocala, is excited to join the Superchips team and has high expectations for 2014.  “I can tell you first-hand that using Superchips products on my past and present trucks & Jeeps has really been a “wow” experience for me” said Browne.  “Long drives can take a toll on you when you’re towing and adding up those fuel costs in your head.  I love the added performance and economy I’ve picked up.  It is a night and day experience.”  Browne continued “I’m excited to hit the leaderboard at my events this year and, in addition to getting tremendous exposure for the Superchips brand, I think we’re going to turn some heads when my colleagues see the added performance & savings I get with my Superchips Flashpaq.  Two things you can count on seeing lots of at a fishing tournaments are boats and trucks.  Our boats don’t get there without the trucks.  If you’re looking to save time, money, and add performance you really have a no-brainer decision at hand when considering adding Flashpaq to your tow rig.”