Flashcal + Amp’d Kit Price Drop!

While the competitors are continuing to raise their prices, our teams dedicate themselves to offering the industry’s most advanced products at the best value to the consumer. With that said, we are announcing a major price reduction on all Amp’d 2.0 Throttle Booster!

If you’ve spent time looking at our competitors throttle sensitivity modules, maybe it’s time to consider Amp’d 2.0! With the industry’s only wireless control switch and a smartphone app for total control of your pedal curves, Amp’d 2.0 offers things the competitors can’t. With simple 10-minute installation, no extra wires to route, no clunky module to mount and a pedal feel guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, we know you’ll love it. Plus, it’s now as much as $100 cheaper than the other guys booster.

Amp’d 2.0 works great as a stand alone product, or even paired with one of our performance tuners like Flashpaq or Dashpaq+ but for those of you not looking for tuning, checkout the Flashcal + Amp’d kits available on our website, now at a lower price as well!


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2020 Jeep 2.0L Turbo JL Now Supported with Amp’d Throttle Booster

Our popular Amp’d Throttle Booster is now available for 2018 – 2020 Jeep 2.0L Turbo JL applications.  Check out the benefits below to see how you can instantly boost throttle response with Amp’d!

  • Improves Throttle Responsiveness
  • Faster Acceleration From a Stop, and Throughout The RPM Range
  • Reduces “Laggy” Dead Pedal Feeling
  • Quicker Spooling for Turbos
  • Optimizes Driving Experience on the Highway or Around Town
  • Up to 6 modes available (with switch) ​

Amp’d Throttle Sensitivity Booster is easy to install, delivers immediate improvement with pedal response, and will optimize your driving experience.  AMP’d offers an incredibly simple solution that generates “seat of the pants power” you won’t find anywhere else. The Jeep 2.0L Turbo engine offered in 2018-2020 JL models has been a great addition to the Wrangler, but with Amp’d you can make that 4-cylinder even more fun for daily driving. Get into that turbo’s power band with less throttle input, offering better response and a ‘seat of the pants’ increase you’ll get nowhere else!

Decreasing pedal lag expedites your vehicle performance curve. Amp’d features an intuitive plug-and-play installation using your vehicles’ stock connections.  What makes Amp’d even more fun?  Settings are adjustable to boost signals by 50% or 100%.  If you’re interested in obtaining even more power levels and options, check out the Amp’d switch today and take throttle sensitivity to the next level!

Throttle booster settings with switch include:  Stock, Low-50%, Medium-75%, High-100%, Valet, and 400% “Wow Mode”.

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