Four Corners 4×4 Celebrates a strong 2015 season

The weather and spirits couldn’t have been better for the conclusion of the 4×4 endurance racing team’s season.  This past weekend, Four Corners 4×4 hosted its team and fans for an appreciation event at their Durango 4×4 shop.  Of special importance, co-driver Rick Jenkins and pit-crew member Cody DeClusin, both of Farmington, were recognized for their un-paralleled contributions to the program over the last four years.

A quick look back at 2015’s events…

March – WEROCK, First Place – Congress, AZ.

In their first competitive rock crawling event, Jason Kaminsky and Rick Jenkins earned a first place finish.

April – Dirt Riot, DNS – Moab, UT.

Unfortunately, due to mechanical failure that occurred while pre-running the course, the team was unable to compete at the annual event held in Moab, Utah.  The team still had a great time spectating and participating in the Crawl Reader’s Ride, Grandpa’s Garage Manufacturer’s Party, BFGoodrich Area BFE Trail Ride, and the  Superchips Appreciation Dinner at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari.

May – Southwest Colorado Outdoor Expo, Exhibition – Ignacio, CO.

Jason had the 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited on display at the Sky Ute Casino Fairgrounds and had a chance to put it through its paces on the obstacle course created by the Creeper Jeepers 4WD Gang of Durango, Colorado.

June – WEROCK, First Place – Rangely, CO.

Competing in Rangely was a great time.  With terrain very similar to the team’s stomping ground of Farmington, New Mexico, Team Four Corners 4×4 was one of the few teams to complete two days of competition with zero roll-overs, and take home a first place trophy.

June – Dirt Riot, Fifth Place – Agate, CO.

While racing at the fastest track of the season, the team suffered a mechanical failure resulting in a rollover.

August – WEROCK, First Place – Goldendale, WA

Jason & Rick took to the road and made the journey to south-central Washington to secure the Western Regional Series WEROCK Title in the Modified-Stock Class and the National Championship Title in the Modified-Stock Class.

August – All-4-Fun, Recreational Four Wheeling – Buena Vista, CO.

With only a one-day turn around, the team got the LJ prepped after a win in Goldendale to head to the eastern slope of Colorado and participate in an event strictly for fun with friends from the Tucson Rough Riders.

August – Dirt Riot, First Place – Grand Junction, CO.

The team concluded the last competitive event of the 2015 with a first place finish over fellow competitor Joshua Jackson with Fatboyz Motorsports by only ten seconds!


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