Summer Flash Sale: Take 30% Off all Flashcal to Flashpaq Upgrades & Warranties

Superchips Flash Sale

Save 30% On Flashcal to Flashpaq Tuning Upgrades and Warranties

Summer is in full swing and Superchips is heating things up with an opportunity to add performance programming and an extended warranty, to your existing device, for 30% off.  Now thru July 6th, 2018 save 30% on any Flashcal to Flashpaq upgrade.  The same offer will be valid for extended product warranties.  This is real savings that will deliver real value.

You’ve corrected your speedometer for aftermarket tires.  Now put some more power to the ground and take things to the next level.  Add Flashpaq tuning to your Flashcal today to improve both horsepower and fuel economy.  Purchase your virtual upgrade via our Internet Update Store today.  Don’t wait to make a move.  This is a limited time offer!

*The store options will appear after running an update via online software and following prompts.

Applicable SKUs Available for Upgrade
Ford Flashcal For Truck – PN 1545
GM Flashcal For Truck – PN 2545
Dodge/Ram Flashcal For Truck – PN 3545
Jeep Flashcal – PN 3571