Dashpaq+ GM Gas - 20601

Dashpaq+ GM Gas up to 2016

Dashpaq+ PCM Swap, Dodge Truck 2015-2017 (5.7) - 30617

Dashpaq+ PCM Swap, Dodge Truck 2015-2017 (5.7)

Dashpaq+ PCM Swap, Dodge Truck 2018/2019 Ram Classic (5.7) - 30627

Dashpaq+ PCM Swap, Dodge Truck 2018/2019 Ram Classic (5.7)

Dashpaq+ 2017-2020 GM Gas - 20617

Dashpaq+ for 2017-2019 GM Gas Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

Windshield Suction Mount for TrailDash2/Dashpaq/Dashpaq+ - 4002004

Windshield Suction Cup Replacement Mount for TrailDash2, Dashpaq, or Dashpaq+

OBDII to HDMI Cable - H00008000

Replacement cable connecting OBDII to HDMI for the TrailDash, TrailDash2,TrailCal, orDashpaq/Dashpaq+


The EAS Control Kit gives user the ability to monitor EGTs and adds the power switch to control multiple accessories with an On/Off digital power switch.

EAS OBDII Pass Through Splitter - 98106

The OBDII Pass-Through Splitter allows two products to be simultaneously plugged into the OBDII port at the same time.

Dashpaq: F150, Silverado, Sierra, Ram Tuner with Gauges

Have you heard about the Dashpaq Performance Tuner from Superchips? The Superchips Flashpaq has been the best-selling performance tuner for years.  The only thing it is missing, would be a dedicated display monitor for digital gauges on the dash.  That is where the Dashpaq performance tuner comes in.  The Dashpaq has a 2.4”, high-res, screen that […]

Performance Programmer & Monitor Combo: Dashpaq Unboxing – See What’s Inside!

Superchips’ All New Dashpaq There has been lots of buzz around Superchips’ all-new Dashpaq performance programmer and monitor combo unit.  Drivers with gas and diesel trucks can now take advantage of Superchips trusted performance tuning and bundle it with a sharp, on-dash display.  Manage your gas truck or SUV by seeing data in real-time! Dashpaq provides […]

2020 F-150 Tuning Support Offers an Extra 86HP

Superchips is pleased to extend coverage of our popular Flashpaq, Dashpaq, and Dashpaq+ for all 2020 Ford F-150. With up to an additional 86HP these simple to use tuners offer everything an F-150 truck owner needs. New tuning support offers performance tunes for 87 Octane, 91 Octane and 93 Octane with improved transmission strategies for […]

Superchips Offers Free Ground Shipping

Superchips is now offering Free Ground Shipping on orders until April 30th. Do you expect an abnormal amount of extra time on your hands for the next few weeks? Maybe the best way to self quarantine is out in the garage, working on that project you’ve just never been able to make time for. Whether you’re […]

Add 70HP to SHO Taurus with Superchips

Superchips is pleased to extend coverage for 2017-2019 Ford SHO Taurus for the Dashpaq+ (PN 10601) with up to an additional 70HP. New tuning support offers performance tunes for 87 Octane, 91 Octane and 93 Octane for the 3.5L Ecoboost engine in 2013-2019 SHO platforms. In addition to impressive power levels, the features and options […]

2020 Ram 5.7L HEMI E-Torque and Non E-Torque Tuning Now Available

Adds up to 33 HP and 28 lb-ft TQ Includes option to manage throttle boost between 0-20% Disable Auto Start-Stop Manage features including speed limiter control, fan temperatures, and tire size Preloaded tuning to include performance, tow, and economy levels Supported coverage includes Flashcal 3545-S1*, Flashpaq 3846-S1 and Dashpaq+ PN 30627-S1   *Note that these […]

2020 GM Gas SUV Support Now Available for Various Superchips Products

Superchips lineup of performance programmers and calibrations tools are now loaded with 2020 GM gas SUV support.  Whether consumers are driving daily to and from work, towing recreationally, or both, new calibration and tuning support will deliver instant power throughout the RPM band.  Designed with performance and reliability in mind, Superchips preloaded tuning options deliver […]

2017-2019 Ford Raptor F-150 3.5L Support Now Available

  New coverage is now available for the 2017-2019 Ford Raptor  3.5L F-150 trucks!  These exciting trucks are now available for taking power and user-controlled options a step further with the Flashcal, Flashpaq, and Dashpaq+ product lines.   As an extremely capable truck bone stock, Superchips upgrades can help customize your performance preferences and aftermarket modifications […]

Superchips Loads Full Line of Performance Programmers with 2019 F-150 Gas Truck Coverage

  Superchips is pleased to extend 2019 F-150 tuning support for the Flashpaq (PN 1845), Dashpaq (PN 1060), and Dashpaq+ (PN 10601). New tuning support covers the 2.7L, 3.5L Ecoboost, and 5.0L motors. In addition to impressive power levels, the features and options accompanying today’s release continue to mark the Superchips product line as some […]