RAM HEMI Truck Performance

Make Your RAM HEMI Even Tougher

Let Your HEMI Rip!

Tuning your RAM HEMI truck can be lots of fun, but also daunting if you don’t have all the facts surrounding performance upgrades.  Superchips’ Flashpaq and Dashpaq programmers plug directly into your HEMI truck’s diagnostic port.  After connecting your HEMI tuner, programming options are made easy with an intuitive menu designed to give you power in the palm of your hand or at the touch of a button.  The performance tuning included in Superchips on-dash display and handheld devices are engineered to give your RAM HEMI truck a wake-up call!  In addition to added power, consumers can also take advantage of numerous handy features like our diagnostic read & clear option, tire and gear size adjustments, and more!  Review the coverage chart below detailing RAM HEMI truck coverage and power gains by year.

15-UP RAM HEMI Tuning!

Now Available

Similar to our 15-UP JK Wrangler coverage options, Superchips now has 2015-UP RAM HEMI tuning coverage via part number 3846.  Consumers have been hungry to tune these trucks and options have been limited in the marketplace.  The distinct advantage with Superchips tuning includes a seamless process to process your PCM, a value-orieted price point, and of course significant horsepower and torque gains.  A PCM swap unlocks and computers and sends it directly to you for your vehicle.  Learn more about our PCM swap options here and see why Superchips’ offers the most compelling tuning options for your 15-UP 5.7L RAM HEMI.

Intakes and Exhausts for RAM HEMI Trucks

Intakes and exhausts are common upgrades for RAM HEMI Trucks.  Superchips has recently rolled out both intake and exhaust coverage for 2009-2017 RAM HEMI truck models to bundle with performance tuning.  Truck owners oftentimes shop for a performance tuner, intake, and/or exhaust around the same time.  Superchips is pleased to now offer options that work in concert together and deliverer a tremendous driving experience.  You can learn more about the specific performance upticks these Jammer intakes and performance exhausts will add below.

Jammer Gas Intake for 2009-2017 RAM HEMI truck

Hooker Blackheart Peformance Exhaust for 2009-2017 RAM HEMI Truck

Flashcal for RAM - the Answer for Tire & Gear Upgrades

Flashcal for RAM Hemi trucks is the going to be the easiest tool you’ll ever use to correct your speedometer for aftermarket tires and/or gears.  Powered off the OBDII port, like our Flashpaq and Dashpaq programmers, the Flashcal for RAM gas trucks serves up the options you need to fix your speedometer.  Drive with assurance when you pass the state trooper and make sure your odometer coincides with the miles you have actually driven!  Don’t fly blind after an aftermarket tire or wheel upgrade.  Drive with the Flashcal for Truck PN 3545.

PS – when you’re ready to expand your Flashcal’s options, you can connect to our internet update software and virtually add performance programming in just minutes!



Flashcal for RAM Gas
Flashpaq for 03-14 RAM Gas
Dashpaq for 03-14 RAM Gas
Flashpaq for 15-17 RAM Gas
Cold Air Intake for 09-17 RAM HEMI 5.7L
Exhaust for 09-17 RAM HEMI 5.7L