Some Quick Tips for Towing the Boat with Glenn Browne

Can I Tow and Save Fuel?

Towing can be made easy with just a few quick tip.  While Superchips is known for power, drivers from all walks of life are also looking for ways to save fuel and optimize their driving experience.  Superchips excels in delivering meaningful power and fuel economy at an affordable price.  Now for just $349.95, you can purchase the most trusted performance programmer on the market.  The Flashpaq carries a two year powertrain warranty and is easy to use.

Over the years, recreational towers, professional anglers, and fleet owners have tapped Superchips to supply power, MPGs, and adjustable features like tire size, gear ratios, and more.  Learn more today.


Pro tip:

Take a look at how Superchips‘ angler, Glenn Browne suggests loading the boat, prior to towing.  For more tips and information on Glenn, his experience using his Superchips Flashpaq, and more product details check out the “team” tab and learn more about Flashpaq.