Pulsar for Jeep® JL & Gladiator

Power, Calibration, and Throttle Response On-the-Fly!

Hands on the Wheel!

No seriously, put your hands on the wheel and shift power levels on the fly via your factory cruise control buttons!  With Pulsar for Jeep®, it’ll feel like a totally different vehicle with an additional 30hp on tap after installing Pulsar.  This all-new inline module connects directly to your factory computer without removal or swapping your OEM PCM.  As you may know, unlocking or swapping out your factory PCM has been required to add performance to a late model JL, but that was before PULSAR for Jeep®!  Now you have access to pre-calibrated power levels, tire and gear change calibration options and instant throttle response all with just the push of a few buttons directly from the driver’s seat.  No sending in the PCM or downtime.  Read further to review power levels and features.  Once you take a look you’ll be ready to install Pulsar and make your Jeep® the talk of the town! https://superchips.com/pulsar-jeep-jl/

Why Pulsar?

1) Pulsar adds power instantly with no PCM swap required
2) Install is simple and straightforward and does not leave you with any extended downtime
3) Offers shift-on-the-fly performance programming
4) Pulsar serves as 3 products in 1 – throttle booster, calibration tool, and programmer
5) Gives you a performance upgrade unlike any other available on the market today (bragging rights!)

Winning with Innovation

Superchips has invested heavily in resources to continue bringing the most cutting-edge products to market.  This has been especially important to us with the Jeep® market.  The Pulsar product line was introduced in early 2018 for the late model RAM HEMI engine marketing.  Overwhelming demand and sales made bringing this innovative platform to the JL Wrangler® and then the JT Gladiator an easy decision.  With Pulsar, you are getting an innovative product, tremendous features unlike any other on the market today, and a driving experience that has been engineered to leave you beyond impressed.  Review the video clips below to understand what comes in the box, how to install the Pulsar module, and learn how to manage the exciting features directly from your steering wheel.  Prepare to drive equipped with the most exciting aftermarket upgrade available for the 2018-2020 Wrangler® JL 3.6L Jeep® or 2020 JT Gladiator.

Pulsar for 2018-2020 for 3.6L JL Wrangler®
Pulsar for 2020 Gladiator
Pulsar + Trailcal Kit for Wrangler®
Pulsar + Trailcal for Gladiator
Power Levels 4 Performance Levels – Performance, Tow, Economy, Stock w/ Options
Power Gains 30 HP and 27 ft-lbs TQ
Shift-on-the-fly Yes – Using cruise control +/- buttons
Tire Size 20″-40″
Gear Ratio 2.00-5.99
Auto Start/Stop On/Off
Tire Pressure Adjustment 22-64 PSI
TPMS On/Off Yes
Pedal Response Adjusted Yes


How Do I Install?


How Does Pulsar Work?