Powerpaq Stage 1 Kits Include $50 Cash Back Offer

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Grab Some Extra Cash and Ride Equipped with Powerpaq

It is hard to top the experience you get after you install a performance upgrade from Superchips.  This spring we’re hoping to take things a step further and reward you when you purchase a Powerpaq.  These performance bundles have paired our Flashpaq performance programmer with a Jammer cold air intake.  We’re pleased to extend a special offer effective now thru June 30th, 2018.  Any customer purchasing a Stage 1 Powerpaq kit can receive a free $50 cash back rebate.  Add a performance duo engineered to supply big power and efficiency and enjoy some more cash in your back to fuel your summer adventure!

What is the Powerpaq?

Think optimized tuning that accounts for the increased, cooler, airflow, from a high efficiency intake.  Between the industry-leading Flashpaq tuner and Jammer gas intake system, you now have a performance package designed to work right out of the box.  For years, our team has been asked for a referral to a trusted, quality intake that works well with our best-in-class tuners.  Superchips is pleased to now offer the Powerpaq, which delivers consumers a distinct advantage when bundling some of the most popular, and common upgrades: a performance tuner and cold-air-intake.

Dialing up the speed in which cooler, denser air is delivered to your engine chamber generates more power.  While added power is always more fun, this added power is actually improving your vehicle’s efficiency as well!  Added fuel economy is always a plus and allowing the Superchips Flashpaq to electronically compensate for your new intake is easy, smart, and efficient!

How Do I Receive my $50 Cash Back?

Purchase any qualifying Flashpaq tuner from an authorized Superchips Dealer or via the Superchips site to qualify for the promotion.  A qualifying Flashpaq is included in each Powerpaq kit.  The $50 rebate can be processed via the mail-in rebate form or via an online portal.  See the details here.

Promotion Details

Effective Dates: May 1, 2018 thru June 30, 2018

Flashpaq Rebate Amount: $50

How do I Qualify?: Purchase any qualifying Flashpaq or Powerpaq from an authorized Superchips dealer or at www.superchips.com between  May 1, 2018 thru June 30, 2018


Year Powerpaq PN Fuel Make/Model Engine
2012-2014 1845-P12 Gas Ford F-150 3.5L
2014-2018 2845-P11 Gas Silverado/Sierra V8 5.3L & 6.2L
2009-2014 3845-P11 Gas Dodge RAM V8 5.7L HEMI
2015-2017 3846-P11 Gas Dodge RAM V8 5.7L HEMI
1998-2006 3874-P11 Gas Jeep® Wrangler TJ 4.0L
2012-2014 3874-P12 Gas Jeep® Wrangler JK V6 3.6L
2015-2017 3876-P11 Gas Jeep® Wrangler JK V6 3.6L
2011-2014 1845-P11 Gas Ford F-150 V8 5.0L