Superchips Loads Full Line of Performance Programmers with 2019 F-150 Gas Truck Coverage


Superchips is pleased to extend 2019 F-150 tuning support for the Flashpaq (PN 1845), Dashpaq (PN 1060), and Dashpaq+ (PN 10601). New tuning support covers the 2.7L, 3.5L Ecoboost, and 5.0L motors. In addition to impressive power levels, the features and options accompanying today’s release continue to mark the Superchips product line as some of the most sought after tools for increased power, towing capabilities, and full control of over exciting user-adjustable selections including tire size, gear options, speed/rev limiter, and more. Review all power levels, features, and load information below.   Configure your 2019 F-150 and shop today!

Flashpaq Power Levels:

Dashpaq Power Levels:

Dashpaq + Power Levels:

2.7L Dyno Chart


3.5L Dyno Chart

5.0L Dyno Chart