Adding a Performance Upgrade from Superchips

35+ Year of Realibity, Power, and Results

What is a Superchips Flashpaq?

Flashpaq is a handheld performance programmer that plugs into your truck’s OBDII port under your dash.  Known as one of the original performance chip manufacturers, Superchips optimizes performance, for gas and diesel motors, throughout the RPM band by installing an engineered performance calibration on your truck’s computer.  Added performance includes improved fuel economy, optimized shift patterns, and an elevated driving experience across the board.  The before and after difference with a Superchips Flashpaq is remarkable and you’ll be impressed whether you’re entering the highway from an on-ramp, towing through a canyon road, or driving on cruise for a long trip.

What else does it do?

In addition to installing a pre-set performance tune for your truck, Flashpaq & Dashpaq serves as a diagnostic scan tool.  Nothing is worse than hitting the road for a long trip and seeing a check engine light.  Use your Flashpaq or Dashpaq to read and clear the code.  Determine whether your check engine light is for a pesky gas cap that is loose or something more important.  Your truck is a significant investment.  Use Flashpaq or Dashpaq to protect your truck and save on costly maintenance.

Does installing a Superchips tuner void my factory warranty?

No. The Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act states that it is illegal for a dealership to void your warranty based solely on the fact that you have installed an aftermarket product.  Yes, this includes performance programmers. The dealership must prove in a court of law that an aftermarket product has decisively caused the damage to the vehicle under warranty.  Superchips offers an industry-exclusive powertrain warranty on all Flashpaq products.  Rest assured when tuning with Superchips that you are backed with 35+ years of experience and engineering excellence!

Can I install it myself?

Good news!  Flashpaq is a “do it yourself” product.  If you’re reading this document you can tune your own vehicle.  After plugging into your truck’s diagnostic port, you can simply cycle through the Flashpaq menu options to select your desired tuning level and feature settings.  Answering a few “yes/no” questions installs Flashpaq’s award-winning tuning in minutes.  Superchips performance programmers enable you to return to stock at any time or switch between towing, performance, and economy tunes.