Mileage Coach now available for the TD2


Superchips is thrilled to release the highly anticipated Mileage Coach feature for the TrailDash2.  This new and innovative feature will help you learn how to drive conservatively to help get the best mileage possible.  With awesome graphics that will change as your mileage increases or decreases, this new screen will turn heads as much as it helps low fuel bills.

Is this feature now available?

This feature will be built into any TD2 unit that ships from Superchips.

I already have a TD2, how do I get this feature?

Simply update your device on the Fusion update software and this option will become available on the pull up menu.

What does this feature do to help me get better mileage?

Along with keeping track of your mileage parameters it helps you understand if you are hurting or helping your overall mileage average.  If you get into the red or yellow poor mileage zones, you know you are hurting your overall average economy.  The trick is to stay in the green as much as possible and that will continue to help you obtain higher mileage.