Meet the Superchips Pro Staff

Meet the Superchips Pro Staff

The Superchips team believes in supporting enthusiasts and every day drivers that put our products to the test.  With thousands of customers across the world, our crew trusts in establishing relationships with key influencers in their respective spaces, learning from them, and taking their feedback and product experiences back to our team.  We leverage these relationships and real-time input to continue innovating and bringing best-in-class products to market.


Getting More with Superchips

The Superchips Pro Staff consists of professional anglers, off road racers, rock crawlers, trail leaders, snowmobilers and outdoorsman.  What do they all have in common?  Each and every one of the pro staff members below needs more out of their vehicle and relies on Superchips to help them add MPGs, horsepower, torque, and confirm real-time data.  What does “more” mean for you?

Read about each of our pro staff members and see how they gain the competitive advantage over the competition using Superchips products.

Want to Become a Superchips Pro Staff Member?

We’re constantly exploring our social channels looking for real-world users just like you to bring into our circle for feedback and product reviews.  Pro staff members gain exclusive access to gear, content, and more. It’s simple, share your Superchips story on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter using the hashtag #Superchips. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of your Superchips experience!

Danny Devries
Rick Jenkins
Jason Kaminsky
Chris Burandt
Glenn Browne
Cody Rahders