LIT E-Series LED

Light the way with LIT

LIT E-Series

For years, Superchips has led the way with innovative performance solutions, on dash gauges, and class-leading vehicle calibration.  Now, Superchips will light the way for truck and Jeep customers with LIT.  The LIT E-Series lineup of powerful LED products offer unmatched value and function.  With powerful, high-efficiency, LEDs, extreme durability, and great looks, LIT is the perfect upgrade for your truck or Jeep® to light the way.  LIT E-Series lights can be used on their own with the supplied wiring and switches or they can pair up perfectly to your TrailDash or TrailDash2 with the Power Switch kits.  Upgrade your vehicle knowing you’re equipped with the leader in performance tuning and LED lighting.

LIT E-Series Single Row 5 Watt

The LIT E-Series Single Row bars provide optimum performance in a slim and sleek package.  With sizes ranging from our LIT 6 all the way up to the LIT 50, there is a single row light bar solution for any ride.  Historically, a bigger, bulky, double row bar was the only way to get high performance lighting, but now you can equip your vehicle with extreme LED lighting performance from a much smaller single row bar due to the high efficient and power 5 Watt LEDs in the LIT E-Series lineup.  Now you can get the lighting power you need and the looks that you want.

LIT E-Series Curved Double Row 5 Watt

When you need the most powerful LED light setup with great long distance power and fantastic flood for close obstacles, the LIT E-Series Curved double combo bar is the perfect choice.  With two rows of high powered 5 watt LEDs, the double row E-Series bars will light the way on the darkest night.  The LIT E-Series double row bars are available in 31.5″, 41.5″, and 51.5″ sizes.  Each bar uses a balanced combination of flood and spot reflectors to give you the best lighting pattern available.  Now you can rest assured that you have the most powerful and affordable curved lighting solution available.

LIT E-Series Pods

LIT E-Series is lineup of performance LED lighting solutions engineered to deliver extreme lighting power and unmatched value.  The LIT Pods and Wide Shot Pods are no exception.  If you want a powerful set of pod lights for your vehicle, then the 10 watt LIT E-Series pod is just what you’re looking for.  With 10 watt LEDS, these little pods can kick out an impressive amount of light from such a small package.  Each LIT E-Series pod is set up for a flood to give you perfect light on anything coming your way.  The LIT E-Series Wide Shot pod gives you four 5 watt leds for your flood but also adds 2 more 5 watt LEDS on each side to give you the ultimate peripheral lighting solution.  Now you can have optimal viewing conditions for any road or trail!

LIT E-Series Power Switch Kits

The LIT E-Series Power Switch kits are the ultimate upgrade to pair with your TrailDash or TrailDash2 monitor.  Superchips has taken all the guesswork out of wiring in a powerful light bar with your TrailDash/TrailDash 2 power switch.  We supply the kit with an easy to use plug and play solution.  Simply connect the power switch accessory to the accessory port on your TrailDash or TrialDash 2 monitor and run the included relay harness to the battery and thats it!  Now you can equip your Jeep with powerful lighting solutions paired with a state of the art power switch solution.  This is the ultimate package to clean up your dash and prevent having to drill into your factory dash to install switch panels.  The LIT E-Series Power Switch accessory includes the ability to control another circuit in addition to the light bar so you can add another accessory like another light bar, a air compressor or anything you can think of that needs 12 volt power in your Jeep!

Product Category LIT E-Series PN Description Wattage - Overall Length Power Switch Kit Included PN
Single Row 5 Watt Bar 71061 LIT E-Series 6 30 WATT - 7.8" 72061
Single Row 5 Watt Bar 71011 LIT E-Series 10 50 WATT - 11.8" 72011
Single Row 5 Watt Bar 71021 LIT E-Series 20 100 WATT - 21.8" 72021
Single Row 5 Watt Bar 71031 LIT E-Series 30 150 WATT - 31.8" 72031
Single Row 5 Watt Bar 71041 LIT E-Series 40 200 Watt - 41.8" 72041
Single Row 5 Watt Bar 71051 LIT E-Series 50 250 Watt - 51.8" 72051
Curved Double Row 5 Watt Bar 71131 LIT E-Series Curved 30 Dual Row 300 Watt - 31.5" 72131
Curved Double Row 5 Watt Bar 71141 LIT E-Series Curved 40 Dual Row 400 Watt - 41.5" 72141
Curved Double Row 5 Watt Bar 71151 LIT E-Series Curved 50 Dual Row 500 Watt - 51.5" 72151
Flood Pod Light 71081 LIT E-Series Pod Pair 80 Watt/Pair 72081
Flood Pod Light 71091 LIT E-Series Wide Shot Pod Pair 80 Watt/Pair 72091