Flashpaq for Jeep®

The People's Champ When it Comes to Jeep® Tuning

Handheld Performance Tuning for JL Wrangler® & JT Gladiator is Here!

Demand for a handheld performance programmer covering the 3.6L and now 2.0L Jeep Wrangler JL has been off the charts.  Superchips is thrilled to offer JL Wrangler®  coverage for the Flashpaq for Jeep PN 3876-JL and 2020 JT Gladiator coverage using PN 3876-JT!  An extensive set of custom features accompanies power gains of up to 30 HP & 37 lb-ft TQ.  Superchips will continue to offer a best-in-class PCM swap process for both JL Wrangler® and JT Gladiator.  It is important that you follow the unique steps required to tune this exciting vehicle.

We Don't Just Get it, We Live it!

At Superchips, we don’t just get it, we live it. The Jeep® Flashpaq (part no. 3874, 3876) is designed for 1998-2020 Jeeps®.  Whether you’re running a TJ, XJ, LJ, XK, WK, JK, JL, or Gladiator, Flashpaq has you covered. Flashpaq for Jeep® is the number one tuning solution for Jeeps® of all models. Our tunes include multiple street- and trail-proven performance levels developed on the streets of Florida all the way out to legendary trails of Moab, Utah. This various altitude testing guarantees optimal performance, regardless of geographic location. You’ll find lots of pretenders out there making big claims and false promises. We pioneered Jeep® tuning in 2009 and you can rest assured we’re keeping the pretenders in our rear view and providing you with Jeep® tuning built to contend for the long haul!

A 5 Star Upgrade for Jeeps®

“I use this on my 2010 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. I was skeptical about the tuning options but I have to say it made a huge difference. I have 37″ Tires, a Big Lift, Bumpers, Tools,  Skid Plates etc… so my Jeep is already slow, add in the weight and the 3.8l V6 and it just doesn’t want to move or shift. I have had the AEV Procal which was great for adjusting tire size as well as a bunch of other features, but after going down the highway with another buddy on 37’s and him leaving me in the dust I decided it was time to try it. Super easy to use, super easy to make changes and adjustments and without a doubt a must have for a slow JK in need of a little pick me up. I am able to get up and going much quicker and I am able to maintain speeds without issue.”

L. Boswell

Flashpaq for 98-14 Jeep®
Flashpaq for 15-18 JK 3.6L Jeep®
Flashpaq for 18-20 2.0L Jeep JL
Flashpaq for 18-20 3.6L JL Jeep®
Flashpaq for JT Gladiator

Jeep Flashpaq Features:

  • TPMS on/off
  • Speedometer correction for aftermarket tires & gears
  • Control Rubicon Lockers in 4 Hi
  • Read & clear trouble codes
  • Tuning optimized for towing, economy, performance, and crawling
  • Improved shifting, less downshifting on the highway
  • Improved mileage potential
  • Auto Start-Stop Disable(JL/JT Only)


Jeep Flashpaq covers 1998-2020 Jeeps®.  The 2015+ models require a PCM swap in order to tune, see PN 3876, PN 3876-JL, and PN 3876-JT  product pages for details.  Shop today and see why thousands of Jeep owners just like you have equipped their Jeep® with Flashpaq tuning!

Jeep Flashpaq for 2018-2020 JL Wrangler & JT Gladiator requires PCM swap and jumper module (included with product).  Please refer to this page and select the product details page for PCM swap instructions.  It is important to follow these steps.