Flashpaq Plus Pro Now Available for Custom Tuning

Introducing Flashpaq Pro Plus!  Superchips is pairing the ability to load custom tunes with our industry-leading pre-loaded tunes, all on a single device!  Flashpaq Pro Plus, PN 5850, comes equipped with pre-loaded tunes and the option to store an additional (4) custom tunes of your choice.  Here is a fantastic option to purchase a Flashpaq that will be ready to add the performance you need out of the box AND grow with you, and your vehicle, as you make additional changes requiring custom tuning.

HP Tuners extensive network of dealers can send and load custom tunes directly to the Flashpaq Pro Plus.  Maybe you’re note ready for custom tuning just yet, but you’d like to have the option down the road.  Now you have a product that hits the mark!  Superchips has paired the world’s most popular calibrations with endless options for consumers with cars and trucks they’re looking to continuously tune and tweak.

Coverage includes F-series gas and diesel trucks, Camaro, Corvette, and more.  You can configure your vehicle to check available coverage and features.

What makes Flashpaq Pro Plus different than other options in the marketplace?  Customer service, ease of use, and results!  That is what you get with every Superchips product.  Flashpaq Pro Plus is no exception.


Flashpaq Pro Plus Custom Tuning Flashpaq Pro Plus Packaging Custom Tuning

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Key Features:

  • Includes pre-loaded tunes
  • Option to Store up to 4 custom tunes, using HP Tuners
  • Monitor/Log up to 8 Vehicle PIDs
  • Easy to use drag and drop custom tune installation
  • Internet updateable
  • Reads & clears diagnostic trouble codes


Tuning Made Easy

See how to drag and drop custom tunes onto the device.  The tutorial video below will show you how you can use a MAC or PC to simply connect your Flashpaq Pro Plus and then send/receive custom tuning files?  Question, you can always call us or use our live chat.