Flashcal for Truck Now Supporting 2019 Ford F-150 gas trucks

Flashcal for Ford 1545

Superchips’ Flashcal is a trusted product that simply solves problems.  Truck owners adding aftermarket tires, lifts, and/or gears need the Flashcal for Truck to calibrate their speedometer and correct their shift schedules.  Today, Superchips is extending Flashcal for Truck coverage (PN 1545) to the 2019 Ford F-series trucks.  In just minutes, you can connect the Flashcal for Truck to your OBD II port, select your tire and gear modifications, and be on your way with accurate speedometer readings and improved shifting.  To add even more value, Superchips has included increasingly popular features including Auto Start/Stop management and multiple TPMS options.  Review the details below for Flashcal for Truck (PN 1545) and enjoy a turnkey solution for some of the most common issues encountered after installing a lift kit, tires, or gears.  Flashcal for Truck is ideal for truck owners that may not be interested in performance programming, but could most certainly reap the benefits of corrected speed and shift patterns.  Shop today!