Flashcal+ (“Flashcal Plus”) for Jeep: Our Newest Device is WIRELESS!

The all-new Flashcal+ (“Flashcal Plus”) is the amazing combination of vehicle configuration tool and calibrator and like you’re used to with the original Flashcal, with live and on-the-fly controls, data streaming displayed as customizable virtual gauges, and code scanner.  Through our newly developed FC+ app (supporting Android and iOS) we can link the processing capability of a modern smartphone to our wireless Bluetooth module for outstanding functionality. 

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Flashcal+ is Launching with Full Support for Wrangler JK 3.8L/3.6L, Wrangler JL 3.6L/2.0T, and Gladiator 3.6L is

Vehicle Specific Features: Wrangler JK (2007-2018)

  • Corrects speedometer for tire upgrades between 26”- 42”, using GPS-powered Tire Size Wizard or by measured height

  • Speedometer recalibration for axle gear and T-case ratio, 2.73-5.38:1

  • Axle Lock Rear w/ T-case in 4-Hi & 4-Low (CRAWL Screen, JK Rubicon only)

  • Axle Lock Front & Rear w/ T-case in 4-Hi & 4-Low (CRAWL Screen, 3.8L JK Rubicon only)

  • Engine idle up for winching, temporarily with CRAWL Screen, 500-2000 RPM

  • Daytime Running Light Location: Halo, Fender, Fog, High, Low, Turn Signal

  • Daytime running light Enable/Disable

  • One touch lane change

  • TPMS Disable, while using CRAWL Screen or completely for use with aftermarket wheels

  • TPMS Threshold adjust 22-56 psi.







Vehicle Specific Features: Wrangler JL (’18-’21) and Gladiator

  • Engine idle up for winching, temporarily with CRAWL Screen, 500-2000 RPM

  • Sway Bar Disconnect in 2Hi, up to 25 MPH (CRAWL Screen, Rubicon only)

  • Line Lock- holds brakes on front tires only

  • Rock Lock- holds all 4 wheels with brakes for crawling

  • Axle Gear Calibration: 2.73 – 5.38:1

  • Tire Size Calibration by height: 26” – 40”

  • Transfer Case Gear ratio calibration: 2.72 – 5.00:1

  • TPMS Warning Threshold adjust: 22–56 psi.

  • TPMS Disable, for aftermarket wheels and no sensors

  • TPMS Off/On (Crawl Screen)

  • Daytime Running Lights Operation: Always On, Selectable, or No DRL

  • DRL Location Selector: Fog, Fender, Running, High, Low, Turn, or No DRL

  • DRL Dropout Disable, keeps DRL on when using turn signal

  • Fog Lights Dropout Disable, for simultaneous use of high beams and fog lights

  • Halo Lights Enable or Disable

  • One Touch Lane Change Enable

  • Dashboard Splash Screen select: Rubicon, Sahara, Sport

  • Seat Belt Minder Disable, stops chime

  • Travel Link Weather Warning Disable

  • Lighting Config, selects Standard or LED: Front Turn, Tail Lights, 3rd Brake Light

  • Auto Start/Stop Disable

  • Auxiliary Switches Enable, to add extra factory Aux switches*

  • Blind Spot Detection Disable, or Enable to add if not equipped*

  • Factory Fog Light Switch Enable, adds controls if not equipped*

  • Towing Package Enable, adds controls if not originally equipped*

  • Backup Camera Disable, or Enable adds if not originally equipped (2018-2020 JL Only) *

  • Cargo Camera Disable or Enable adds if not originally equipped (2018-2020 JL Only) *

  • Electronic Steering Pump Disable, for conversion to hydraulic system*

  • Axle Lockers Disable Rear Only, OR Front and Rear for conversion to manual*

  • Axle Lock Rear OR Front and Rear w/ T-case in 4-Hi & 4-Low (CRAWL Screen, Rubicon Only)

*Our devices reconfigure vehicle controls for this associated change, but additional OEM or aftermarket parts are required to complete the conversion.



      Gateway Bypass Module (included in all kits for this application) must be installed while any adjustment or tuning is being performed on this vehicle.

Important Notes:

 -3.0 EcoDiesel and right-hand drive model Jeeps are not currently supported

-Most adjustments FC+ applies to your Jeep do not require the dongle TO be left plugged in to remain as selected by user

-Auto Start/Stop disable requires the dongle be left connected to keep system off between key cycles

-Settings entered in CRAWL only remain as entered with dongle plugged in and FC+ App running.




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