Flashcal for full-size Bronco 2.3/2.7


The Flashcal 1546 is the easiest, and by far the most budget-friendly, way to unlock numerous features not available on Ford’s new Bronco from the factory, and still offers the classic adjustments like speedometer correction.  SKU 1546 supports both 2.3 and 2.7 engines, manual or automatic.

          • Speedometer adjust for Tire Size 28.25 – 36.75”

          • Fog Lights: enable “Bambi Mode” for simultaneous use of fog lights with high-beams

          • Headlamps Position Setting: option for headlamps to return to “Auto Lamps” or remain at last known position

          • Auto Lights Delay: duration headlights illuminate after driver exit, 0, 5, 10, 20, 60, or 120 s.

          • Daytime Running Light disable or enable

          • TPMS Disable, for off-road wheels and tires

          • Independent TPMS threshold: Front and rear axles can be set differently from 1– 90 psi. 

          • Auto Start/Stop Disable: Remains off with every restart, and can be reenabled with the Flashcal any time

          • Silent Mode: Turns off most cabin and exterior lights, and door chime with open door, ignition chime remains

          • Honk Warning Disable: 2-honk warning when driver exits running vehicle with key fob

          • Lock Feedback Lights: Enables hazard blink with unlock command

          • Auto Unlock: Vehicle unlocks with ignition off

          • Auto Lock: Disables factory setting to lock doors when vehicle is in motion

          • Auto Relock: Disables factory setting to re-lock doors 45 seconds after unlocking

          • Remote Unlock: Option to trigger all doors or just driver door

          • Remote Start: Selects engine run time duration for 0, 5, 10, 15 mins



Don’t forget that the new Flashcal 1546 pairs perfectly with the Amp’D 2.0 for better throttle response!