End of Summer Warehouse Clearance Sale

The End of Summer has come but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. Announcing our Warehouse Clearance sale where you’ll find everything site wide up to 10% off!

Looking for a simple tire size calibration tool for your Jeep Wrangler, checkout the tried and true Flashcal or step up the technology and control at your fingertips with our all new Flashcal+ with our all-new smartphone app. For those looking for more power for Jeep, our Flashpaq and TD3 units have never been more affordable.

For the GM, Ford, and Ram truck owners, you’ll find incredible deals for Flashcal, Flashpaq, Dashpaq, and the in-cab color touchscreen Dashpaq+. Checkout the deals on Pulsar LT, Hemi Pulsar and Jeep Pulsar as well! AT these prices, you won’t want to wait to long. Sale runs from September 7th to October 16th.

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