Ecoboost F5 Flashpaq

Get more boost out of your EcoBoost!

The 3.5L EcoBoost motor has become a tremendously popular alternative to its larger, naturally aspirated, V8 brothers.  Its combination of torque, horsepower and responsiveness have made it the go to motor for the F150.  What makes this engine so appealing to customers is the ability to see V6 mileage while feeling like you have the V8 motor, and then some.  The twin turbo setup on this truck really makes it get off the line with no time to waste.  However, it can always be better and the all-new F5 Flashpaq delivers that additional potential.

What can the Flashpaq do for my Ecoboost?

The 1845 F5 Ford Flashpaq can deliver up to 54 HP and 45 LB-FT of torque above stock on the 2011-2015 EcoBoost equipped F150.  That is an impressive gain given that this is rated at the rear wheel, so it is a true representation of performance.  Now we know that the EcoBoost isn’t all about racing and performance but also towing and economy.  Flashpaq tunes are designed for those specific uses as well.  The Flashpaq also features DTC read/clear capabilities, shift point and firmness adjustments, speedometer corrections, axle ratio adjustments and fan adjustments.

There are lots of tuning options on the market, why the Flashpaq?

This is a great question as we feel we have the best combination of high performance tuning, economy and towing levels, diagnostic capabilities and high-end quality in our F5 Flashpaq.  We don’t see anyone else in the market with these types of premium features in a low cost handheld tuner.  Superchips offers more power per dollar than any tuner on the market.