EAS Now Available for Use with Dashpaq+ Performance Programmer & Monitor


 EAS for Dashpaq+

Innovation Expands with EAS & Dashpaq+

The Dashpaq+ is Superchips most advanced performance programmer and on-dash monitor combination.  Winning with innovation is part of Superchips product strategy and today we’re thrilled to extend coverage with our Expandable Accessory Line (EAS), for the Dashpaq+.  So what does this mean for your consumers?  Using EAS, with any Dashpaq+ device, generates numerous options for adding various sensors, power switches, and more.  The EAS lineup comprises of options and sensors including fluid temp, EGT, ambient temp, boost pressure, and our increasingly popular electronic power switch.  Check out the load information below to see the new lineup of products available for the Dashpaq+ performance programmer and in-cabin monitor.


The Expandable Accessory System (EAS) was created with future expandability in mind for those that may be using any Superchips on-dash displays.  Now available for Dashpaq+, EAS includes a streamlined install process with options to daisy chain the set up, allowing users to connect multiple accessories, directly to their Dashpaq+.  This includes the opportunity to hook up other aftermarket wideband O2 sensors.  The primary benefit for consumers is the ability to customize the data and expandable options without loads of wires or a tangled mess on the dash or under the hood.  Consumers can now monitor and data log countless sets of parameters, hook aftermarket accessories directly to their device to turn them on/off from the Dashpaq+ screen, and more.  Be sure to review, load, and promote these new EAS options now available for Dashpaq+.


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