Performance programmers have a host of aliases in the automotive aftermarket;  engine chip, tuner, diesel chips, or gauge/tuner combos.  Oftentimes, these broad-based references to performance programmers can skew towards the diesel market.  Many consumers are not aware that Superchips tunes hundreds of gas trucks.  That’s right, there is power and economy to be made, and seen, on these gas SUVs and trucks.  Superchips makes tuning easy and we know the 1/2 ton gas truck is an extremely popular category for drivers on the road today.

So Why Tune a Gas Vehicle?

There are several reasons to tune a gas truck or SUV:  Improved acceleration, added horsepower and torque, improved MPGs, and custom features like tire/gear calibration.  Gas tuners can re-write a vehicle’s firmware to adjust tuning for individual needs on the road.  Don’t worry, you’re not popping the hood.  Superchips flash tuning technology is what we call “white glove”.  By simply connecting to your vehicle’s diagnostic port (OBDII), you can answer yes/no questions on your handheld programmer and be up and running “tuned” in no time.

You may tow through hills, drive daily at various elevations, or take long road trips.  Ever experience excessive down-shifting on your gas truck or SUV?  Nothing is worse than watching your RPMs red-line as you try to get back into the desired gear.  Here is where gas tuning from Superchips makes a big difference.  You’ll noticed improved MPGs by reducing these downshifts.  How much fuel will I save on a gas motor?  The answer varies, but we consistently see improvements of 1 to 2 MPGs.  Many customers report more!

The Flashpaq programmer is used to optimize your engine’s performance. The term “chip”, a technology Superchips pioneered, has evolved quite a bit over the years.  What once used to be packaged in boxes almost the size of a shoe box, now comes in small box and handheld form factor.  You can connect our tuners to set the tune you desire, whether it be tow, performance, or economy.  You can then place the tuner in your glove box, or somewhere handy, to keep on hand for the next time you need to switch tunes or connect to read and clear a trouble code.  That’s right, the performance programmers from Superchips serve as a diagnostic read and scan tool as well.  We recommend using your Superchips tuner to read your code before bringing it in for service, it could save you trip.  It may also let you know if you’re mechanic is giving you the run around!

I have a gas truck, but I’m not sure I’m ready to tune just yet

We hear this all this time and we get it.  Some folks want to see what their truck is capable of stock to determine how they want to upgrade down the road.  Here is where the Superchips Flashcal has taken the spotlight with new trucks.  Several gas truck and SUV owners will put new wheels and tires on their trucks off the bat.  Now they need a tool to calibrate and correct their speedometer.  We strongly suggest looking into Superchips Flashcal for Truck if you’ve made tire, wheel, or gear upgrades, but you don’t want performance tuning just yet.  What’s even better, once you have your Flashcal for Truck, you can virtually add tuning via an online update down the road when you’re ready!

We have thousands of gas truck and SUV customers that love our products. Whether it is the increased fuel, better acceleration off the line, advanced/custom features, or a combination of all the features we deliver, customers are pleased.  Superchips offers an powertrain warranty on all our products.  Configure your gas vehicle today and learn about the specific gains and features available for you.  Check out the clip below.  Professional outdoors-man, Danny Devries, uses his Flashpaq on his gas truck.  He travels and tows across the country all year.  He wouldn’t trade his gas tuner from Superchips for any other performance programmer on the market.