Dashpaq: F150, Silverado, Sierra, Ram Tuner with Gauges

Dashpaq performance tuner

Have you heard about the Dashpaq Performance Tuner from Superchips?

The Superchips Flashpaq has been the best-selling performance tuner for years.  The only thing it is missing, would be a dedicated display monitor for digital gauges on the dash.  That is where the Dashpaq performance tuner comes in.  The Dashpaq has a 2.4”, high-res, screen that can display all of the important diagnostic information and vehicle parameters that you need to keep a close eye on your ride.  It also features all of the same Flashpaq performance tuning you’ve come to expect from Superchips.

Now you can replace clunky, costly analog gauges with a clean, feature-packed solution in Dashpaq.  The Dashpaq installs in minutes and can add up to 100+ horsepower without turning a wrench or popping the hood.  All of the gauge displays are preset in the device and the Dashpaq gets all of its readings via the OBD2 port connection.

Now you can add power to your Chevrolet, GMC, Ram or Ford truck and SUV, all the while getting important gauge monitoring right on your dash.  Configure your vehicle in our vehicle selector now to see what the Dashpaq can do for you.


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