Dashpaq+ for Diesel

Safe, Usable, and Clean Diesel Power for Ford, Ram, and GM

We Know Diesel. Dashpaq+ Proves It.

We started developing performance handheld tuners for Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke markets over 20 years ago. Superchips was built from the ground up with the help of the brightest people in the business. Engineers dedicated to developing state-of-the-art devices. Tuning calibrators willing to put in the hours to make our products deliver the ultimate performance and efficiency. Production teams devoted to assembling the highest quality products the market has to offer. And throughout that time, we’ve been determined to offer products you can depend on and Dashpaq+ for Diesel will build on that foundation.

All-In-One Tuning and Monitoring Device

The all-new Dashpaq+ for Diesel is our very first touch screen monitoring device for diesel applications. Building off the success of our Flashpaq and Dashpaq devices, the new 5” full-color screen offers edge-to-edge swipe technology with a clean and sharp display unrivaled by anything on the market today. With built-in Wi-Fi, internet updates are easily accomplished without removing the device from the truck. Our intuitive screen layouts make it easy to display the data you need to see from the driver’s seat. Like all other Superchips products, Dashpaq+ for Diesel offers safe, clean, and usable power curves.

20+ Years of Trusted Performance

Over the years, you depended on Superchips to haul your cattle to market. We helped tow that boat to the lake for a weekend fishing trip. You even put your trust in us to get your family and camp trailer to your favorite spot tucked away somewhere deep in the mountains. Dashpaq+ for Diesel was developed for the average diesel truck owner. Daily driving. Towing. Fuel Mileage. That’s where we specialize. Concerned about your drivetrain and keeping your truck running happy for a long time to come? So are we. Put your trust in Dashpaq+ for Diesel.

In the early 2000’s the Max MicroTuner quickly became the top selling diesel flash tuner in its time. Our popular Tow Safe, Performance Tow, and Performance tuning calibrations set the standard when it came to producing stump pulling torque, with safe and reliable EGT control. As time has passed and technology advanced, our team of enthusiasts evolved the flash tuning market into our latest version of handheld devices, the Flashpaq F5 tuner. Which continues to set the mark as an industry leader. Now, get that same trusted tuning with state-of-the-art monitoring.

Power and Torque Gains You Can Actually Use

With all our years of experience tuning these trucks, we know you depend on your Ford, Ram, and GM Diesel to get the job done, day in and day out. You need power you can use, with the fuel mileage improvements to keep down on your fuel stops. Dasphaq+ for Diesel comes pre-loaded with our tried and true Mileage XS, Tow Safe, Performance-Tow, and Performance tunes to offer you exactly the power and driving experience you need for every occasion.

Ford Power Stroke gains of up to 120hp / 220ft-lbs torque*
GM Duramax gains of up to 135hp / 240ft-lbs torque*
Ram Cummins gains of up to 175hp / 470ft-lbs torque*

*Be sure to configure your truck in our drop down tabs to determine features and gains specific to your application

EAS Accessories

The Expandable Accessory System (EAS) was created with future expandability in mind. The architecture of the EAS allows users to connect multiple truck gauge accessories, daisy-chain style, to the Dashpaq+ platform. The ability to daisy-chain multiple accessories using the EAS allows users to monitor and display dozens of parameters on a single device that aren’t read through the OBD-II connection.

For diesel owners, we always suggest our p/n 98620 Daily Driver/Tow Kit which includes the EAS starter cable and pyrometer probe, which allows you to accurately monitor Exhaust Gast Temperatures (EGT’s). This kit is everything you need to be able to watch those EGT’s while towing steep grades to make sure your engine isn’t running too hot. This is a must have add-on for those that plan to do a lot of towing.

Other popular accessory sensors for diesel owners would be the 0-100psi pressure sensor kit (p/n 98607), which could be setup to watch lift pump fuel pressure or boost if you’re setup runs more than what a factory MAP sensor can monitor. The -40 to 300-egree temperature sensor is also a useful kit (p/n 98608) if you’d like to watch transmission or engine coolant temperatures. And don’t overlook our EAS Switch Power Kit which will allow you to hook up electrical accessories to be controlled on/off from the Dashpaq+ monitor, like spot lights and air compressors.

Dashpaq+ 10501 for 1994-2019 Ford Power Stroke
Dashpaq+ 20501 for 2001-2016 GM Duramax
Dashpaq+ for 30501 2003-2012 Ram Cummins