Meet Superchips Ambassador Chris Burandt

Today's Leading Expert in Backcountry Snowmobile Mountain Riding

Backcountry Riding in His Blood

Quite possibly the worlds most well known snowmobiler, Chris Burandt has effectively turned a life’s passion into a career on a snow covered mountain. As an avid snowmobiler since the age of 6, he became a competitive Snocross rider in his teens, which morphed into a full blown career as a rider with Slednecks in 1999. As a Gold Medalist at Winter X Games in Freestyle, he was one of the first to pull off a snowmobile back flip in competition. He is an industry pioneer when it comes to freestyle and technical mountain riding. As an extreme backcountry rider, Burandt has made a living showing other riders how to improve their skills through his business, Burandt’s Backcountry Adventure.

Outdoors and Performance Enthusiast

As an all out performance and outdoors enthusiast, anything with an engine can be improved. This motto stands true for Burandt’s fleet of Polaris® snowmobiles, with a host of lightweight parts, performance exhaust systems and even high-boost turbocharger kits his machines will literally take him anywhere he wants to go on the mountain, regardless of how steep or deep it gets. Of course getting those sleds to the mountain can be a tall task in of itself and Burandt puts his trust in Superchips to help make that happen. Whether he’s driving his F-150, 5.9L Cummins or 6.7L Powerstroke, Superchips is there to offer the increased power, fuel mileage, and towing performance he demands.

*Photos by @fatefervor and Marlene Photograpghy