Buy a TrailDash2 or TrailCal and Receive a Free EAS Power Switch!

Receive a Free EAS Power Switch May 1 2019 thru June 30, 2019

Superchips is heating things up with an offer that delivers tremendous value.   From May 1 2019 thru June 30, 2019, any customer purchasing a TrailDash 2 or TrailCal is eligible to receive a free EAS Power Switch!  This EAS Power Switch transforms your TD2 or TrailCal into your Jeep’s central command center by seamlessly allowing you to integrate accessories directly to your device, on the dash.  What makes our products superior and exciting?  Take a look below and see what our customers have to say.  Be sure to take advantage of this special offer today.  Yes, we offer monitoring and tuning options for the all-new JL Wranlger®!


TD2 + EAS Power Switch = Wow!

“When I first started my Jeep build I knew I wanted to use a Superchips Tuner because I had used the handheld previously for a smaller build but this time I needed more. I needed something that could monitor everything such as engine temps, rpms, mpg’s and run diagnostics scans and store codes. That’s when I came across the TD2. The TD2 is easy to install and even easier to use, with a touchscreen display it does everything I need, tuning, monitor and on top of all that it even comes with a cool feature for accessories. Digital toggle switches = #awesome.  I have a lot of accessories light bars, pods, compressor, lockers. You can link 2 accessories per switch using an EAS. 5 stars all the way!” – Submitted by Jeep Gunner out of Orlando, FL

Added Loads of Options with Superchips on My Jeep®

“I bought my TrailDash2 about 4 months ago and have never looked back. I have seen performance improvements and improvements in my MPGs. I have a 2013 Wrangler JKU that I’ve lifted and I knew my speedometer would be off, but the TrailDash2 is able to recalibrate it! There are endless options for backgrounds and it is very easy to navigate! It is very easy to use and the tuning process is simple and quick. You are also able to read engine code and clear the code once the issue is fixed so you no longer have to pay someone at a garage to do it for you. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a jeep looking for a little more performance and a nice addition to your cockpit!” – Submitted by the Yeti out of Springfield, OH

My Experience on a 2016 JK with TrailDash2

“I’ve been involved with the Jeep and off-road community since 1997. I’ve tuned TJs, LJs, YJs, and Fords with Flashpaq and Cortex units for years, but the monitoring capabilities and real-time display characteristics offered by the TrailDash2 unit really sets this product apart. I use it to monitor additional OBDII inputs that are available from the vehicle but not displayed on the gauge cluster, such as transmission temperature and throttle position. We also have it hooked up as a display unit for a backup camera mounted on the spare tire carrier of our Jeep Wrangler JK. We’re running the 91-octane performance tune and really like the improved shifting habits of the 5-speed automatic. We’re based in the mountains of Southwest Colorado where our trail elevations range from about 6000′ to 13000′ above sea level. Anything you can do to increase power is welcome in my book.” – Submitted by Jason Kaminsky out of Durango, CO

How Does this Special Offer Work?

It’s simple.  You purchase any TrailDash2 or TrailCal between now and June 30th.  After making your purchase, simply fill out the form and send directly to Superchips.  Allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Remember, you’ll need to include the following with your submitted redemption form.

  1. Upload copy of your sales receipt detailing proof of purchase between 5/1/2019 and 6/30/2019
  2. Upload photocopy of your serial number/UPC Code


Eligible SKUs:  42050, 42051, 41051, 41051-JL, 42051-JL

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