Superchips Hits the Market with 2018 GM Gas Truck Support

2018 GM Gas Coverage Has Arrived!

Superchips commitment to bringing power to the latest model year truck applications is second to none.  Today, we’re pleased to announce coverage on the Flashcal (PN 2545), Flashpaq (PN 2845), and Dashpaq (PN 2060) for 2018 Chevy gas  2018 GM gas trucks with the 5.3L & 6.2L engines.

Superchips‘ 2017 GM gas coverage has been met with strong demand and out the door sales from dealers across the country.  Review all the details below and shop for exciting new coverage on your 2018 GM gas truck.

Coverage Details:  2018 Chevy/GMC 5.3L & 6.2L Gas Trucks
Gains & Features
  • Includes performance, tow, and mileage performance tuning levels
  • Up to 20HP & 20 LB-FT TQ
  • Tire Size Options:  25″ to 38″ (Note: tire size option will disable cruise control feature)
  • Gear Options:  Up to 5.13
  • Active Fuel Management:  On/Off
  • Speed/Rev Limiter Optimized
  • Cooling Fan Control