2018 Ford F-150 3.0L Power Stoke Diesel Now Supported by Amp’D Throttle Booster

F-150 3.0L Diesel


Our team is excited to announce 2018 F-150 3.0L Power Stroke coverage for the Amp’D Throttle Sensitivity Booster.  The Superchips R&D team got their hands on this new 3.0L Power Stroke diesel truck several weeks ago and we have been impressed.  Of course, our performance gurus are always looking for ways to optimize the driving experience and the Amp’D Throttle Booster presented us with a unique opportunity.  As with most diesel engines, throttle lag exists.  Customers are looking for that instant response off the line and Amp’D now answers the call for this 3.0L Power Stroke diesel with the 10-speed transmission.

Amp’d adjusts throttle sensitivity, which reduces that “laggy” feel of the pedal, while accelerating.  We take the stock signal of the accelerator and modify the mapping to give you instant throttle response on demand.

Remember, the Amp’D Throttle Sensitivity Booster has two options:

Amp’d Throttle Booster PN 18852-D

  1. Stock
  2. 50% increase over stock
  3. 100% increase over stock

Amp’d Throttle Booster with Power Switch PN 18862-D

  1. Stock
  2. Low 50% increase over stock
  3. Medium 75% increase over stock
  4. High 100% increase over stock
  5. Valet Mode
  6. “FEEL THE POWER” mode 400% increase over stock