2017 Jeep® Wrangler® Now Supported on the Flashcal & TrailCal


Superchips Flashcal and TrailCal Now Supporting 2017 Wrangler®

Jeep® vehicles have been the go to all terrain vehicle in the US for many years and the 2017 Wrangler® builds on that legacy with impressive off-road performance and capability.  As with most Jeep® vehicles, customizing the Wrangler® them is half the fun.  Superchips has been the crowd favorite calibration device to get the most out of your Wrangler® and to take full advantage of your upgrades.

Adding larger aftermarket tires and gear ratio changes are typically some of the first upgrades that most Jeep® owners tackle, the Flashcal and TrailCal products help correct the speedometer to get your shifting back where it needs to be.  These feature packed products also give you a host of other options like axle locker controls, TPMS adjustment, idle RPM for winching, read/clear trouble codes, and more!

Adjustable Parameters

Engine Idle Adjustment
Running Light Controls
Gear Ratio
Tire Size
TPMS Threshold Adjustment
Lamp Flash
High Beams with Fogs
Lane Change
Lamp Delay
Rubicon Axle Lockers
TC Low Ratio
Accessory Delay
Horn Chip on Unlock
Read/Clear DTC’s
Rubicon Sway Bar Disconnect Light On/Off (TrailCal only)

Flashcal 3571

The Superchips Flashcal F5 for 2007-2017 JK Wrangler® is loaded with the most sought after options for your JK. Take full advantage of the most popular aftermarket upgrades your late model JK craves. If you’ve added tires or gears to your Jeep®, Flashcal is a must!

TrailCal 41051

The TrailCal is an all-new, premium product designed for the 2015-UP Jeep® Wrangler®.  TrailCal offers monitoring, calibration, and control features without any modifications to the vehicle.  Calibrate for larger aftermarket tires, adjust for gear ratio changes, and enjoy best-in-class monitoring and control features, all without popping the hood.  Previously, this option was only available in our handheld Flashcal device, but now you can use TrailCal to get all the features that allow you to set your Jeep® up perfectly with your other upgrades.

The Jeep® trademark is owned by FCA US LLC.   Reference to the Jeep® brand vehicles are used to inform customers that our Superchips® product is designed to work on Jeep® brand vehicles.   Superchips is not affiliated with nor endorsed by FCA US LLC nor do we have any other relationship with FCA US LLC.